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Galxe is a web3 community-building platform, boasting 11 million unique users and fueling the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and 2700+ partners through reward-based loyalty programs.
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Galxe is a Web3 platform that creates an open credential data network, allowing developers to leverage on-chain and off-chain data for credit scoring, audience targeting, and community rewards. By incentivizing users to curate credentials, Galxe has gained over 2,100 partners and launched 10,000 campaigns, establishing itself as a crucial infrastructure for utilizing behavioral data in the Web3 environment.



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  • Large user base
  • Rewarding partner programs.
  • Solves fragmented credential system with open & collaborative data network.
  • Offers infrastructure for curating diverse digital credential.
  • Introduces Galxe Passport for secure Web3 DID
  • GAL token facilitates governance, incentivizes participation, and serves as primary payment token.


  • Galxe Brain role may be subjective for revocation, raising transparency concerns.
  • Ongoing development of curation system may impact effectiveness.


  • Popular platform for web3 community building with 11 million users and 2700+ partner programs.
  • Open and collaborative data network for on-chain and off-chain credentials.
  • Incentives for users to curate digital credentials.
  • Galxe Passport for secure Web3 identity.
  • GAL token for governance, incentives, and payments.
  • Galxe Brains as active community members guiding others.
  • Galxe ID offers a multi-chain identity system with past achievements.
  • Application Modules for NFT loyalty programs, growth hacking, and more.
  • Oracle Engine and Credential API for custom data queries.
  • GAL token used for governance, platform fees, and curation of valuable data.






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What is Galxe?

Galxe is a popular web3 platform with an open data network for digital credentials, where users are rewarded for contributing and developers can access the data to create better products. It also offers the Galxe Passport for secure Web3 identity and utilizes the GAL token for governance and incentives.

What problem does Galxe solve?

Galxe solves the problem of scattered and closed data about your online activities. It creates a system where this data can be shared openly and securely, allowing developers to use it to build better online services and communities. Users are rewarded for sharing their data, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Who uses Galxe?

Galxe benefits multiple stakeholders in the web3 space. Users gain control over their credentials, earn rewards for sharing data, and access a secure identity system through Galxe Passport. Developers can leverage the open data network to access valuable user credentials and build better products and communities. 

Galxe fosters the growth of web3 communities, and Galxe Brains guide and lead community members. Partners and projects within the ecosystem benefit from various services, such as loyalty programs and voting systems. Galxe DAO enables governance through the GAL token, empowering token holders to influence platform decisions. Overall, Galxe creates a collaborative ecosystem where stakeholders can benefit from shared data and community engagement.

What can Galxe be used for?

Galxe can be used for building and nurturing web3 communities, where users have control over their digital data and can earn rewards for sharing data. Developers can access valuable user credentials to build better products, and the Galxe Passport provides a secure identity system for users across different applications in the web3 space.

How to get started with Galxe?

To get started with Galxe, you can visit their website and explore their official platform and service at thre Galxe website

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