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Web3 rewards platforms

Rewards are an important part of any growth marketing plan.

Offer a good reward, and you can recruit a small army of promoters who are rewarded based on the results they generate.

You might have heard a rewards platform referred to by a different name. For the sake of ease, we've included the below categories here...

  • Referral rewards / affiliate programs
  • Engagement rewards
  • Membership rewards

Basically, everything on this page is a program that allows you to reward people for helping to grow your Web3 brand.

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Cub3's tool suite allows communities to build long-term loyalty and foster engagement through rewards.
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DeFi noodle is a platform that rewards users for creating content others read and engage with
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ACQR is a platform that rewards people for acquiring new Web3 skills.
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ChainVine is a Web3 referral marketing platform
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What is a Web3 reward platform?

Reward platforms offer some form of reward (often monetary) for taking a specific action.

The actions are most often linked to some form of promotion, engagement, or are commission based.

You see this a lot in the marketing world. There are platforms that allow people to earn access, money, or prestige by doing things like sharing a Tweet, referring a friend, or simply being a heavy user of a platform.

Web3 rewards programs offer the same functionality as other rewards platforms, however, they're built specifically for Web3.

By that we mean that they'll integrate with platforms most popular with Web3 like Discord, and the payouts/rewards can be crypto based.

Why do you need a Web3 reward program?

Growing a business is hard.

And a good rewards program has long been proven one of the most effective ways of securing better reach and more users.

Since Dropbox used a simple referral system to help them explode their growth, they've been a staple in modern marketing.

After all, when you have a good rewards program each and every user of your product becomes a potential salesperson.

With the heavy focus on communities in Web3, a good referral program can turn the beneficial relationships you're building with users into truly valuable partnerships.

How to choose the right Web3 reward program

Choosing a reward program shouldn't be too difficult.

First you need to identify what kind of reward program you want o establish. What is it you're going to reward? 

  • Engagement
  • Sales referrals
  • Shares on other platforms

Once you know what you want to reward, you need to identify what the reward will be...

  • Fiat payment
  • Crypto payments
  • Access to higher tiers

When you know both of these things, it's simply a case of finding the best fit platform for those needs, and looking at reviews from current users to see if it's something you could get on with.