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ACQR is a platform that rewards people for acquiring new Web3 skills.
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ACQR rewards users for taking part in "missions" that help them learn about new and established Web3 protocols.

The mission is to help onboard more people to Web3 and give protocols a new way to generate users.



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  • Easy set up for incentivization


  • Need an asset (token/NFT) to offer as incentive


  • Set missions for new users
  • Allow new users to earn tokens for completing missions






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What is ACQR?

ACQR is a platform that allows Web3 protocols to offer rewards for completing certain tasks (termed missions).

By establishing missions, the protocol incentivises people to work through their onboarding, creating people who truly understand the protocol and its uses.

By completing missions, the users of a protocol get a better understanding of its use cases while also earning some form of protocol related reward.

What problem does ACQR solve?

Web3 marketing is hard. Or rather, it feels hard because it's so different to the marketing we've all grown used to in Web 2.0.

Onboarding new users to your project is made even harder thanks to the complexity of many projects. A lot of average users aren't ever going to take the time to learn and understand what it is you've created because it's too complex for them.

Incentivization has long been a way around a lack of motivation for users.

But Amazon gift cards or flat financial payouts simply aren't enough.

In Web3, people want access to digital assets like cryptocurrencies and/or NFTs.

ACQR allows brands and protocols to create Web3 native incentive campaigns. These are great because they get the average user to persist through the learning curve of a new product by giving them something closely related to the project itself.

How to get started with ACQR

Head tot he ACQR site and click on the "Connect Wallet" link in the top right hand corner.

Once you've synced your wallet, you'll be logged in.

How to use ACQR

Click on the "Missions" link in the Nav Bar and then scroll down until you see the below. When you do, click on the available option on the left.

How to use ACQR

You'll be taken to a page to complete a few onboarding actions.

How to get started with ACQR

You'll now be part of the community and can continue your onboarding.

ACQR contact

If you want to contact the ACQR team you can do so through the website or through the below.

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