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Crypto payment processors and gateways

As the world moves to further embrace digital currencies, we're also going to need solutions that allow us to make payments to one another using those currencies.

Right now, there are very difficult on-ramps for non-crypto native people. You've got to use things like a crypto exchange to purchase the funds, then go through the laborious method of sending crypto to a long wallet address.

There are too many steps and the potential for messing things up is huge.

Fortunately, there';s a growing number of blockchain based cryptocurrency payment solutons that make paying people for goods and services as simple as using a credit card.

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Poof offers a speedy web3 infrastructure for crypto and fiat money movement.
  • Fiat and Crypto payments
  • Not for complete newbies
  • Credit card acceptance
  • Integrates with common payment gateways
  • Multi-chain support


Suported chains:
No items found.
  • Manage multiple payment, vesting, and cliff solutions in one place
  • Lower transaction fees compared to traditional finance services
  • Increased efficiency and immediacy of transfers
  • Accessible global payments due to blockchain technology
  • Enhanced transparency and low risk associated with decentralized technology; all transactions are visible and secure on the blockchain-based ledger system

  • Batch Payments: Pay many people in one go
  • Multisig Vaults: A safer way to manage treasuries
  • Stream Payments: Release payments progressively over a set time period
  • Token Vesting: A simple way to manage token vesting and cliff schedules 


Suported chains:
No items found.
A web 2.5 escrow solution for solo-preneurs and businesses
  • Smart Invoices. Make and receive payments via a simple web3 escrow.
  • Trustless. Payant removes the trust between contractors & clients
  • Web 2.5, Absolutely no technical knowledge is required.
  • Case Resolution - An upcoming feature for much needed peace of mind.
  • Crypto only, fiat is coming!
  • Invoicing
  • Self custodial
  • Web 2.5
  • Escrow


Suported chains:
GasHawk enables free, automated, and non-custodial savings of up to 95% on Ethereum transaction fees.
  • Free to use
  • Can save users up to 95% on ETH gas fees
  • Prevent failed and stuck transactions
  • Only built on Ethereum currently
  • Gas Savings
  • Gas Optimizations
  • Transaction Manager
  • Transaction Simultation
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What is a crypto payment solution?

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of payment solutions for Web 2.0 companies.

Whether it's the backend payment processors like stripe or the countless front end solutions that allow users to easily enter their payment details.

The problem is as we move towards a world that embraces digital currencies, there are very few useful, seamless tools that help you accept or transfer payments to cryptocurrencies.

This is what a Web3 payment solution solves.

With these solutions, you can present a checkout experience your customers and friends are used to which makes accepting payments in crypto incredibly easy.

In fact, a lot of the best crypto payment services allow users to pay in fiat, but then credit your account (minus fees) with the cryptocurrency you want.

How does a Web3 crypto payment solution work?

These payment solutions work very similarly to the checkout solutions you're used to.

Users are presented with a checkout overlay that will list the price breakdown of what they're buying.

They'll also be presented with a selection of payment options.

These options will include both fiat and crypto payment options.

From here, the user chooses their preferred payment method and continues as you would in any other checkout. That could be adding your card details for fiat payments or syncing a wallet to use cryptocurrency payments.

For developers, most of the best crypto payment solutions offer simple SDKs that allow you to easily implement the service on your site with minimal code.

It's often no harder than setting up a web 2.0 checkout service.

Can you use fiat with a crypto payment solution?

At the time of writing, there's a lot of crypto payment solutions that only work with crypto.

However, there's a growing trend (thankfully) of development that's building crypto payment solutions that accept fiat currency ?(through credit and debit card payments).

These services than convert that fiat into crypto for you to use as you want.

Of course, there is a fee involved with the exchange.

What are the risks of crypto payment solutions?

The risks are generally the same as those in Web 2.0 payment solutions.

However, there is a potentially higher risk from hacks.

If someone were to gain access to your wallet from a hack of a Web3 payment platform, you could lose far more that you would in Web 2.0 as your currency is self custodial.

We'd recommend, if you're holding a lot of funds to do two things...

  1. Use a hot wallet for payments and store your primary funds in a separate, cold wallet
  2. Get some good cryptocurrency insurance

Beyond thatl the other added risk is if you're accepting payments for goods or services in crypto and have to offer a refund.

There's not only the added issue of gas fees here, but if the currency you're using appreciates in the time before payment and refund, you could end up paying out mor ein value than you received. Basically, you'll have made a loss.

How to accept crypto payments?

Thanks to the services outlined on this page accepting crypto payments for goods and services is as easy as...

  1. Signing up for a good crypto payment solution (use the listings here to find the best for you)
  2. Syncing it with your wallets and/or bank
  3. Adding the ciode to your site for your products
  4. Directing traffic to the page

It really is as simple as that.

You can set up your options and choices within the checkout to make sure you're being paid in the currencies you want to work with.

What can you buy and sell with crypto?

Technically, anything.

There's growing regulation and debates around whether certain currencies are actually securities right now, so you're going to have to check any specific rules in your territory.

But really, you're not limited in what you can charge for.

Much like in Web 2.0. I've worked with plenty of people across the globe who have selected to accept payments in USD.

The only thing you reed to make sure of is that it's legal to accept the crypto you choose in your country and that your audience is willing and able to pay in that currency.

How to accept crypto payments as a business

There are several ways you can accept cryptocurrency payments as a business:

  1. Use a cryptocurrency payment processor: There are several companies that offer cryptocurrency payment processing services, such as those you'd find on this page. These services allow you to easily accept payments in popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
  2. Use a cryptocurrency wallet: If you prefer to handle the payment processing yourself, you can use a cryptocurrency wallet to accept payments. There are many different wallet options available, ranging from hardware wallets to software wallets.
  3. Integrate with a cryptocurrency payment gateway: If you already have an online store or website, you can integrate with a cryptocurrency payment gateway to accept payments. Some popular options include CoinPayments, GoCoin, and BitPay.

It's important to note that accepting cryptocurrency payments carries some additional risks and responsibilities. For example, you will need to be prepared to handle price volatility, as the value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate significantly over short periods of time. You should also be aware of the tax implications of accepting cryptocurrency payments in your jurisdiction.