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WhiteBIT is designed for novice traders as well as users who want to use futures and margin trading.
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The exchange offers low commissions, works with state currencies, low daily fees for the use of borrowed funds, more than 270 cryptocurrencies and 350 trading pairs. You can also leave cryptocurrencies on the exchange as a deposit. This way, for example, you can get about 25% per annum for bitcoin.



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supported currencies

191 Coins - 284 Pairs

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Bank Transfer
Credit/debit card


  • User friendly website
  • Availability of free DEMO tokens for training purposes
  • Margin trading



  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency
  • Trading with leverage
  • Deposit option
  • Futures contracts






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What is WhiteBIT?

WhiteBIT is one of the largest European centralized crypto exchanges originating from Ukraine.

WhiteBIT was founded back in 2018. The team's roots are Ukrainians, mainly from the city of Kharkiv.

Currently, the company encompasses 1000 specialists. More than 350+ trading pairs, 270+ assets, and 10+ state currencies are represented on the exchange.

The highest average daily trading volume is more than $2.5 billion. The exchange has 8 offices across different countries and continents, providing services to more than 4 million users worldwide.

Its goal is to massively adopt blockchain technology and expand the crypto community by providing a secure and easy-to-use platform.We store 96% of digital assets in cold wallets and use a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to detect and block hacker attacks, so funds on WhiteBIT are always safe.The WhiteBIT exchange ecosystem includes:

  • Trading on the Spot
  • Futures
  • Margin markets

Does WhiteBIT have a token?

WhiteBIT Token (WBT) is a native exchange token. WBT provides many benefits to users, such as up to 100% trading fee discount, daily free AML checks, fee-free ETH and ERC20 token withdrawals, a 50% referral link bonus increase, and much more.

  • WhiteBIT Codes are instant and free cryptocurrency transfers between wallets on the WhiteBIT exchange.
  • WhiteBIT Earn (formerly SMART Staking) is one of the WhiteBIT ecosystem products.

This is the only system that provides the opportunity to receive passive income from long-term investments in digital assets. The user gets a reward by investing digital currency in Crypto Borrow. The percentage depends on the term of storage and the asset.

As a rule, you can get from 0.4% to 24.85%.

WhiteBIT's Crypto Borrow

With Crypto Borrow, you can borrow specific cryptocurrencies for any term and use them for trading, transfers, or withdrawals.

Who uses WhiteBIT?

Anyone who's interesting in trading can use WhitBIT.

However, they tend to see a lot of traders of all levels.

How to get started with WhiteBIT?

In order to start trading and use the full range of tools of the WhiteBITexchange, you need to create an account on WhiteBIT.

The registration process takes only a few minutes.

  1. Follow the link to the site and click "Register" in the upper right corner of the site
  2. Enter your email address and create a password in the appropriate fields
  3. Confirm the creation of your account in your email and read the terms of use of the exchange
  4. Click on the "Register" button
  5. Check your email in a few minutes. Follow the link to confirm your email.

You're done! To further protect your account, we recommend that you enable 2FA and anti-phishing. If you have registered using a referral link, it will be automatically linked to your account.

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