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HollaEx allows anyone to set up a white label crypto exchange.
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In 5-steps you can start your own branded crypto exchange with your own coin and markets. You can start free with a DIY exchange or use a cloud exchange service that allow you to launch an exchange in a matter of minutes right on your own website's domain name.



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Free for tech teams that setup a DIY exchange themselves and $700 month for a Basic exchange.
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  • Open-sourced and one of the longest running white labeled crypto software
  • Fast and only one with a dashboard to quick launching
  • Affordable


  • To get the best experience the paid cloud is recommended as it has all the features
  • Integrating fiat on/off ramp will require some technical work and time and running an exchange is a lot of work and time.


  • Large YouTube educational content library
  • You can use it before buying it by setting up the a DIY exchange and hosting it yourself
  • Fast setup when using the cloud exchange services






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What is HollaEx?

HollaEx is one of the first and longest running open-sourced crypto exchanges that allows anyone to start their online business crypto exchange business. It is a practical solution for connecting to various blockchains and allows for trading, deposit and withdrawals of any digital asset.

What problem does HollaEx solve?

Starting an exchange traditionally involves a lengthy process spanning several months, accompanied by substantial expenses. The costs can exceed $100,000, and the technical maintenance often becomes overwhelming for many teams.

However, HollaEx presents a game-changing solution by automating a significant portion of the technical requirements and reducing the overall expenses.

This is made possible by its open-source nature and extensive experience in the white label space, which streamlines the process and minimizes costs.

Who uses HollaEx?

HollaEx caters to a diverse range of customers, spanning from small-scale money exchanges providing essential crypto exchange services to well-established businesses facilitating crypto OTC deals for larger clients.

With its robust exchange system, HollaEx offers a centralized digital marketplace that enables seamless online transactions for conducting business.In addition, HollaEx extends its services to companies seeking to create and establish their own crypto assets.

The exchange software simplifies the listing process for tokens and other digital assets, facilitating price discovery, marketing, and distribution objectives with utmost ease and efficiency.

What are HollaEx's key use cases?

  1. Regular Local Crypto Exchange: HollaEx is a valuable solution for countries with limited crypto infrastructure, enabling the establishment of local crypto exchanges to meet the needs of the community.
  2. Token Creators: Businesses with existing user bases or customers can leverage HollaEx to create loyalty tokens and rewards systems, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.
  3. Tokenization or Digitization of Real-World Assets: HollaEx facilitates the seamless tradability and liquidity of real-world assets by tokenizing or digitizing them, providing a convenient platform for asset trading on your own crypto exchange.
  4. Internal Crypto Financial Management: Businesses can efficiently manage their crypto finances internally using HollaEx. They can convert crypto on their own exchange, directly manage users, and track transactions, all within the exchange's comprehensive suite of tools.
  5. Price Discovery: HollaEx empowers users to perform price discovery for coins, tokens, and other assets. Its features include an order book, real-time price charts, and a transparent demand and supply system, facilitating effective asset pricing.
  6. OTC Trading for Large Orders: HollaEx can serve as a trusted platform for conducting Over-The-Counter (OTC) trades. By utilizing the exchange, businesses can build trust, attract users, and conveniently manage their OTC orders in a central location.
  7. Fee Generation: White label exchanges powered by HollaEx enable businesses to earn fees from users trading on their platform, providing a potential revenue stream.
  8. Developer-Friendly APIs: HollaEx offers robust APIs ( that empower developers to build new services and customize functionalities within the exchange, granting administrators extensive flexibility.
  9. Supporting Other Crypto Projects: By incorporating a white label exchange alongside other crypto projects like NFTs, businesses can enhance the user onboarding experience and offer users the option to buy/sell cryptocurrencies alongside NFTs, creating a comprehensive ecosystem.
  10. Building Trust: Having a white label crypto exchange infrastructure in place enhances user confidence in a project and business. It allows users to easily onboard, complete KYC processes, and fosters trust in the overall offering.

How to get started with HollaEx?

Anyone can start an exchange in minutes by following five simple steps on HollaEx's dashboard at their website.

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