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Shuttleone offers a service to help dApps create a simpler to implement fiat on-ramp for their users.
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Shuttleone is a rare Web3 service in that it's actually aiming to make onboarding easier and the functionality for the average crypto user better.

The core of the service is to help users transfer their crypto to international bank accounts as fiat currencies in minutes. No more trusting third party custodians with your crypto while you transfer it to fiat.



Taker fee =
0.5% - $30 per transaction
Maker fee =


supported currencies

Available in the US?
Year founded
Accepted payment forms for
Credit/debit card


  • Works with 1600 international banks
  • Implemented in only a few lines of code
  • Low costs


  • Only available in 80 countries


  • Multichain wallet
  • Fiat on ramp making onboarding easier
  • $400MM US of liquidity
  • Cross chain aggregator for 26+ protocols






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What is Shuttleone?

Shuttleone is a service that brings much needed simplicity to the crypto world, especially for those looking to move funds between crypto and fiat formats.

At its core, Shuttleone allows dapps to implement a solution that can convert crypto to fiat and transfer to a users' bank account within 15 minutes. The final access to funds then depends on the bank's processing times, but this step should allow more people to more easily convert crypto funds to fiat.

In addition to this, Shuttleone works across multiple protocols and offers a multi-chain wallet which should make it easy for crypto users to move any crypto to fiat currency in their own bank account.  

What problem does Shuttleone solve?

One of the big problems crypto currently faces is that it's complex。Too complex for many users.

Between different protocols, blockchains, and wallets the average person won't ever really get up to speed to make mass adoption a realistic proposition in the near future.

Think of all the older folk you know who have trouble with digital banking.

The number of people who don't understand crypto is far greater than this number.

What's needed is a bridge of sorts. Something that takes the complexity out of cross-chain transactions and using intermediaries to move crypto to fiat.

Shuttleone offers exactly this.

It's a much needed step to simplify the complex world of crypto and make it more available and useful to the average person on the street.

By making this kind of fiat onramp for various dapps, the benefits are two-fold.

  1. dApps will be able to achieve scale easier
  2. Customers will be able to benefit from crypto without having to learn how to make complex transactions

How does Shuttleone work?

The team at Shuttleone have worked hard to make this as easy to implement a solution as possible.

dApps are able to implement the Shuttleone solution with the inclusion of only 12 lines of code.

Shuttleone implementation

With the code implemented, you need to complete basic KYC information and then you're ready to start swapping crypto for fiat.

Year Founded: 
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