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Planet IX

Planet IX is an NFT-based strategy and play-to-earn game. Players contribute to building a better planet by acquiring and cultivating land in the form of NFTs.
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Planet IX


Planet IX is an NFT-based GameFi strategy game. Your goal is to restore this broken planet to its former green and blue glory– and you do it by acquiring pieces of land called PIX, collecting waste and upgrading your PIX with facilities that further rejuvenate the planet.

Planet IX


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Planet IX

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Planet IX
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Planet IX
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Planet IX




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Planet IX

Planet IX


Planet IX is an NFT-based GameFi strategy game. The playing firled for this game is a digital recreation of our planet. The goal of the game is to battle the damages humankind has wrought and return the planet to it's former green glory. You do this by acquiring pieces of land called PIX as well as collecting waste to exchange for upgrades to your PIX to make restoration more efficient. The primary goal is to restore and trade as many PIX as possible.The game development roadmap includes features where players can directly contribute to ESG and other environmental impact organisations by donating or contributing IXT towards their respective causes.

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