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CryptoBlades is a revolutionary web-based NFT roleplaying game launched on the Binance Smart Chain.



CryptoBlades is an NFT Crafting game on 7 different chains where players can defeat defeat enemies with powerful weapons to earn SKILL tokens. The native token SKILL is used to mint characters, craft weapons of varying power, which level up as you play. The more powerful weapon you have, the more SKILL you earn.Also released alongside CryptoBlades is the Bazaar Marketplace, where anyone can list or buy NFTs using the SKILL token.



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  • Cryptoblades requires less capital to play
  • Game characters are NFTs which can be transferred
  • Game operates on Binance Smart Chain, Polymatic, Avax, and a few others
  • Randomized battle based on probability Roll
  • Crypoblades gives players the ability to level up characters
  • Uses the Bazaare marketplace


  • Some elements of the game not operational yet being currently developed and tested
  • Quite difficult to level up lower level characters to a level where the return on fights starts to become profitable


  • Play-to-earn
  • Character customization
  • Employ NFT character






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What is Cryptoblades?

Founded in 2014 by Philip Devine owner of Riveted Games, CryptoBlades is a ground-breaking online blockchain-based NFT game. It is the most played game on Binance Smart Chain players can customize their fashionable characters and engage in combat to win incentives. Cryptoblades has about 300,000 active users daily, with that number climbing alongside the game's popularity. Players are encouraged to hire epic characters and weapons and enhance them in order to win the competition and receive SKILL tokens as payment. 

Characters can be purchased on the Character marketplace with SKILL tokens or created by players using resources found within the game. After acquiring an NFT character, they might further equip weapons and accessories to boost their abilities and kill adversaries. Please be aware that these NFT characters can be exchanged or sold in the market to make money in the future.

Players in Cryptoblades can monetize their time by defeating rivals with NFT heroes for SKILL tokens. To ensure the liquidity of the in-game economy, the tokens yield intrinsic values and can be immediately exchanged for Fiat currency after acquisition. Also, players can stake SKILL to yield further profits.

Every CryptoBlades NFT character are unique. Players can enchant stats, switch costumes, weapons, etc using the character customization feature.

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