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Crypto Colosseum

An NFT-based game of degenerate gambling and whimsical violence.

Crypto Colosseum


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Crypto Colosseum


Crypto Colosseum is a game where Gladiators (NFTs) fight in the arena.

Crypto Colosseum


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Crypto Colosseum

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Crypto Colosseum
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Crypto Colosseum


CryptoColosseum is a "crypto game of degenerate gambling and whimsical violence." Gladiators (NFTs) fight in the arena. Each gladiator belongs to one of a number of factions (BTC, ETH, MATIC). Here's the cool bit, the price fluctuations of the "factions" affect the outcome of the game. You can buy items to help your gladiators. If you win, you get a percentage of the prize pool.

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Crypto Colosseum