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ChainVine is a Web3 referral marketing platform
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ChainVine allows users to create referral programs that record results on-chain.

With ChainVine, Web3 projects can create custom rewards for their audience and set  goals to achieve those rewards.



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  • Web3 native
  • Easy to use


  • Limited integrations


  • Crypto payouts
  • Referrer leaderboard
  • Auto link generator



What is ChainVine?

ChainVine is a referral platform built specifically for Web3.

With ChainVine, you can set up simple referral campaigns to incentivize your audience and/or your affiliates to refer new user to your project or community.

ChainVine stores the results on chain to ensure full transparency.

What problem does ChainVine solve?

Marketing of Web3 projects is still something of a Wild West.

The established channels of Google ads or facebook ads aren't really cutting it. Most Web3 users prefer organic engagement on Twitter or within Discord.

It's why there's a lot of influencers who charge high fees for simple tweets or threads.

Thing is a lot of users are starting to distrust many influencers as they're conned into promoting simple pump and dump projects so the founders can turn a quick buck.

Rather than go to a single person who has a large following, a lot of projects are seeing success by getting their happy audience members to help promote them.

However, it's really hard to track multiple people within a community to identify your best promoters and who's earned which payout.

This is what ChainVine helps with.

It's a referral marketing platform that allows you to set goals and track the actions of your audience in promoting your project to others.

The platform handles all of the tricky tracking so you can work on improving your product without having to worry about high influencer fees that may not bring good results.

It's about bringing the project and community together in a more holistic way.

How to get started with ChainVine

At the time of writing it appears that you're not able to sign up to use ChainVine as a regular user.

You can however submit your email address and await word from the ChainVine team.

ChainVine contact details

You can contact the ChainVine team through their site or through the below.

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