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Eurotech Cyber Security Recovers $5.3M for an International Corporation From Crypto Scam

Quick take:

  • Eurotech Cyber Security recovered $5.3 million for an MNC from the scammers.
  • The recovery division serves the crypto industry against scammers and frauds as a recovery agency.

Eurotech Cyber Security, which serves as an agency against crypto scammers and fraudsters, has been operating for 30 years.

The agency has a no-win, no-fee agreement and recently worked closely with an MNC to recover over $5.3 million in assets.

The anonymous MNC had $5.3 million of lost assets recovered and returned to them within ten days of contacting the agency in February.

Eurotech Cyber Security has noticed growing acceptance of the cryptocurrency market among individual investors and multi-national corporate entities. Eurotech Cyber Security saw the necessity to build a type of agency that provides cybersecurity services to be directed in this direction.

Eurotech’s vision to minimize the potential scams and fraud

The MNC for which the Eurotech agency recovered was delighted with the work and had some kind words to say, “The company and I are delighted and grateful that Mr. Mark Reading and his team were extremely swift and efficient in locating and recovering over 98% of our funds in less than a fortnight.” 

“I strongly recommend Eurotech Cyber Security to any individual or corporation that has experienced a crypto asset theft. This has been a phenomenal start to the year. Thanks to the team at Eurotech, we’re extremely vigilant in all our cryptocurrency dealings and shall not make the same mistake again.”

The agency specializes in digital crime and digital forensic investigation. Investors, traders, exchanges, and corporations who have suffered significant losses from scams and hacks can utilize Eurotech’s services. They might be able to assist in tracking the scammer and retrieving the asset.

Having successfully investigated over 1,600 cases since 2011, Eurotech’s journey has been a successful one. The team of investigators is experts who have worked in the field for years.

With the growing number of scams, rug-pulls, and hacks in the crypto space, companies with similar offers sadly won’t be short of work. 

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