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Dogecoin Founder and Dogetuber at Odds Following Rug Pull Charges

Quick take:

  • Dogecoin founder Billy Markus and DOGE Influencer Matt Wallace are at loggerheads over rug pull charges.
  • Coffeezilla tweeted a video where Matt Wallace was seen arguing in a conversation on Telegram.

Billy Markus, the inventor of Dogecoin, and DOGE Influencer Matt Wallace are at odds, with the former accusing Wallace of scamming investors in the YouTuber's newly minted currency. 

The fight began on March 23rd when Wallace said that he intended to educate businesses to increase the acceptance of dogecoin payments.

He tried to acquire funding for his project by creating a new token called Dogecoin, which Markus considered dubious. 

Billy then posted a tweet threatening legal action against Wallace, telling him not to distribute the token because it is a trademark infringement. He also asked him to stop talking about it.

Matt Wallace was out with another rug pull scam

Wallace, on March 30, along with a fellow YouTuber Myles G released another coin called AcceptCrypto, whose debut was a disaster. The coin value plummeted after a 12,000 percent increase. 

This sparked rage as the dogecoin community accused Wallace and his associates of running a pump-and-dump scam, which he denied.

Things became even worse when the YouTuber blamed auditing company Solidity Finance, alleging that the latter was to blame because they were the ones who wrote the code. 

Following this, the firm stated that, despite having written and audited the code, they had no influence over the project and called the charge "disheartening."

Billy’s reaction to the whole scene

Billy was quite unhappy with the whole situation. He tweeted that “I don’t enjoy calling out scammers, calling out scammers leads to harassment and death threats. Always. Because evil is evil. But in this case, the reputation of dogecoin was on the line. If community members didn’t take action, this disaster would have been named “accept doge.”

He then urged people to stay away from shit coins and safeguard their funds.

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