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Coffeezilla Accuses Safemoon of Fraud

Quick take:

  • Coffeezilla accused Safemoon of alleged fraud in his recent video.
  • He also accused management’s involvement in other illicit activities.

Last week, YouTuber Coffeezilla dropped a video raising allegations against Ben Philips for his involvement in a $12 million pump and dump scam. He alleged that Ben sold Safemoon tokens after pumping it.

He dropped a video accusing Safemoon’s senior management of illicit activities. The accusations are the findings of the Youtuber and not the facts by the court of law.

Did Coffeezilla bust Safemoon?

“The creators of Safemoon are now being sued and investigated by the FBI,” stated Coffeezilla in his latest video titled, “I UNCOVERED A BILLION DOLLAR FRAUD.”

He claimed to have busted the top management’s involvement in fraudulent behaviors. He added that the anonymous creator of Safemoon - someone about whom very little is known -is a man named Kyle. Coffeezilla said that Safemoon was the beginning of Kyle’s success and all his previous projects failed to gain momentum.

Zilla accused John Karony, the CEO of Safemoon, of possible fraud. “As I started my investigation, the first thing I realized is that Karony behaves differently than Kyle and Papa.” He also alleged that he failed to deposit the 5% liquidity to the tax pool. 

The YouTuber then accused the Safemoon team of bribing BitMart to encourage SFM to join its platform for trade. "As for the service cost, Safemoon paid BitMart for listing," he said in an email copy.

He claimed that BitMart returned 5% to the developers directly so that they could add it to the liquidity pool. "They sent it immediately to the developers to do it instead of submitting it to the LP."

Right after the video dropped, Safemoon plummeted by 26%. You can watch the full video here.

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