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Immutable X

Immutable X is one of the premier blockchains for the development of blockchain games.

They have a bunch of features and tools that help with the scaling of games while keeping costs low.

Below are a few of the more popular games avaiolable on the Immutable X blockchain.

No. of Nodes:
Type of chain:
Layer 2
Consensus mechanism:

Zero-knowledge proofs (ZK–proofs)


  • Increased Security
  • Ease of Use
  • High Transaction Speed
  • Reduced Costs
  • Improved Scalability & Flexibility


  • Difficulty Adding New Features
  • Lack of Flexibility & Scalability
  • Inadequate Error Management Tools
  • Increased Risk for Major Hacks and Outages
  • Limited Complexity Capabilities & Insufficient Privacy Controls


  • Security- First Data Immutability
  • Protocol Agnostic
  • On-Chain Storage
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Insured Funds

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Immutable X

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Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained
Supported chains
Gods Unchained is a triple-A quality game on the blockchain


A marketplace for non-fungible token creators, sellers, and buyers meet to conduct business.
  • Allows users not only buy and sell, but create NFTs
  • Rarible allows users  to change the price of an already created collectible at any time you wish for free.
  • Some users have reported issues with veifications

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Immutable X

What is Immutable X

Immutable X (IMX) is a blockchain platform designed to simplify the process of creating non-fungible token (NFT) projects for developers.

They've differentiated themselves form other sin the space by focusing specifically on Web3 gaming. Which is smart as gaming is one of the biggest categories in Web3.

IMX provides an exchange protocol that ensures NFTs are traded through an open and decentralized ecosystem which is secured by Ethereum blockchain technology.

The protocol aims to achieve both security and scalability for its network, without compromising on either of these features.

And they're doing it well as you can see from the stats on their site.  

Immutable X growth

In order to realize their goal and offer a suitable solution, Immutable X has implemented Layer 2 off-chain technology over Ethereum technology.

This off-chain layer guarantees faster transaction speeds than Ethereum's central layer or Layer 1 while still providing adequate safety and security measures.

As a result, IMX is able to significantly reduce the cost associated with trading NFTs while offering scalability options that go above and beyond what was possible before its introduction.

Best Immutable X games

There is no one best game on Immutable X (or anywhere else for that matter). Best depends on your preferences.  

For example, a person who loves FPS games probably won't care about an RPG or roguelike game. 

You've got to find the game that fits your preferred gaming style, oh, and check the user reviews to make sure it's everything you hope it is.  

1. Gods Unchained

NFT Trading card game

Gods unchained on Immutable X

Gods Unchained is a blockchain-based NFT card trading game.

The objective of the game is to build up a strong deck of cards through battles with opponents in which both sides have similar rankings – making for some highly competitive and thrilling matches.

Not only can $GODS tokens be earned by winning battles, but they can also be acquired and staked on the marketplace.

Developed by Immutable and running on the Immutable X Blockchain, Gods Unchained is supported across Windows and macOS, with no charge to play!

The development team at Gods Unchained has gone above and beyond to ensure gamers are provided with endless hours of entertainment.

Various cards can cleverly be combined to form a powerful custom deck.

Blessed by the gods – as their name suggests – each individual card holds special power that only increases as more card pieces are collected.

Boasting features such as true item ownership and skill-based gameplay, Gods Unchained offers unique access to treasures locked deep within cryptographically secured vaults within Nifty Gateway, OpenSea or elsewhere on the blockchain ecosystem.

2. Guild of Guardians

Soon to be released action RPG

Guild of Guardians on Immutable X

Guild of Guardians is an upcoming fantasy multiplayer action RPG game allowing players to construct their team of “Guardians” in order to defeat enemies and earn loot.

Developed under the Immutable Game Studio on the innovative Immutable X blockchain, this game plays with a unique cryptocurrency – Gems ($GOG) token – that users can acquire through P2E rewards, staking tokens, leaderboard rewards or even collecting and selling loot.

It will also be available on mobile devices for free once it is released.

The developments of Guild of Guardians have been financially backed by major organizations such as Yield Guild Games, Ubisoft and The Sandbox.

Consequently, intensive work has been devoted to ensure its success in terms of technology and gameplay.

With an intriguing play style and fantastic graphics, this title is sure to become one of the best mobile games when it is eventually released.

3. Wagmi Defense

Blockchain-based tower defense game

Wagmi defense on Immutable X

Wagmi Defense is a tower defense game set in the year 3022, when mankind has united to fight against a force of aliens that have invaded to steal earth's core element, NiFe.

Developed by the Wagmi Games franchise on the Immutable X blockchain, this game provides users with the opportunity to earn $WAGMIGAMES tokens for completing successful wagers, staking, trading and lending NFTs.

Wagmi Defense is completely free-to-play if you don't want to wager WAGMI tokens and it is currently available in beta versions for Web, iOS and Android platforms. The final version of the game will be released in 2023.

The success of Wagmi Defense as a game has been further demonstrated by its achievement in securing investments from some of the most prominent players within web3 - indicating that it's ready to hit gamified heights surpassing those seen even on traditional gaming platforms.

This innovative mashup between blockchain technologies and gaming promises an immersive and fun experience while also presenting endless opportunities through its tokenized system whereby players can trade and earn WAGMI tokens through their gaming activities. 

4. Illuvium

An interlinked universe of games

Illuvium on Immutable X

Illuvium is an indie game that has been getting a lot of attention lately.

It features a play-to-earn concept, meaning that players can actually make real money by playing the game.

The idea behind Illuvium is simple - you control your ship in an asteroid field and mine for resources to earn money. In addition to this, there are missions you can complete to earn even more rewards.

What makes Illuvium truly stand out among other games of its kind is its use of blockchain technology.

This means that bodies and objectives in the physical universe have been translated directly into asset-backed tokens on the blockchain - providing a real world value for players’ mined resources.

This revolutionary approach allows for increased transparency and security, as well as the ability to easily transact between two parties without any intermediaries or third parties involved.

How does Immutable X work? 

Immutable X is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses cryptographic protocols to verify proof of ownership.

The protocol operates on its own sidechain and provides additional security features such as rate-limiting, freezing of assets, and fraud protection in addition to traditional blockchain functions like decentralized consensus and transaction processing.

Its decentralized approach adds an extra layer of security for users who are trading these unique digital assets.

Does Immutable X have a token?


Immutable X's token is called IMX.  

IMX tokens are created to reward users for completing activities that benefit the protocol.

Actions accumulate “points” for the user and allow them to be rewarded from a daily rewards pool allocated by the protocol.

This pool allocates IMX tokens proportional to the amount of points they have earned.

In addition, every transaction on the platform incurs a 20 percent fee in IMX tokens which is then distributed back out to users in the staking rewards pool.

This provides users with yet another way to earn more IMX through their interactions with the protocol.

Immutable has provided an accessible and incentivized avenue for individuals to earn and grow their crypto portfolios without needing large amounts of capital upfront.

The design behind IMX tokens creates useful incentives that foster growth within the Immutable network while allowing users to utilize it however they choose—allowing them to bring their projects and creative visions forward into reality.

Immutable X fees

Immutable X charges a 0.15% fixed fee on each swap, which is much lower compared to most decentralized exchanges' fees that range from 0.2% upwards.

Furthermore, Immutable X is built on Optimistic Rollups, increasing speed and allowing the platform to settle complicated swaps in an efficient manner.

It also has additional features such as liquidity mining incentives and zero gas costs for token traders.

Pros of Immutable X

  1. Increased Security: Immutable X ensures extraordinary levels of security as all data within the network is immutable and non-repudiable.
  2. Ease of Use: The process is incredibly easy as users do not need to learn about crypto keys or complicated transactions for implementation.
  3. High Transaction Speed: Since smart contracts are executed in an off-chain format, Immutable X facilitates up to 1 000 transactions per second— with more being added as the technology is improved.
  4. Reduced Costs: Transaction fees in the network are very low compared to traditional blockchain networks and centralized services because of its ability to execute 10X faster when compared with other networks due to its improved protocol and architecture.
  5. Improved Scalability & Flexibility: Data on the platform can be stored both on-chain or off-chain which means that users can access their data quickly and securely with great flexibility, making for much better scalability than other blockchains platforms provide.

Cons of Immutable X

  1. Difficulty Adding New Features. Because an immutable X blockchain cannot be edited or altered, it can be difficult to add new features and functionalities onto existing networks.
  2. Lack of Flexibility & Scalability. The architecture of an immutable X blockchain is static, which means that the scale or complexity of the operations available through a given system cannot easily be changed or upgraded.
  3. Inadequate Error Management Tools. With a static environment, changes have to be made manually—which leaves them open to error if certain conditions aren’t met properly with manual input.
  4. Increased Risk for Major Hacks and Outages. An immutable blockchain is generally more secure than mutable networks, but if something does go wrong with one, the lack of flexibility increases the security risk for any data stored on the chain itself, as well as the entire network infrastrucutre in general
  5. Limited Complexity Capabilities & Insufficient Privacy Controls. Immutable X blockchains are designed to facilitate simple transactions only — they can’t handle complex decentralized applications (DAPPs) very well and don’t provide sufficient users privacy controls either

Immutable X features

  1. Security- First Data Immutability: Immutable X stores data on Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, ensuring it can't be tampered with or deleted.
  2. Protocol Agnostic: Immutable X supports several different protocols, from ERC-20 to ERC-721 tokens, allowing users to easily access the blockchain while preserving DeFi interaction rules and standards.
  3. On-Chain Storage: The permanent and decentralized storage on the blockchain ensures the security of user funds without requiring a trustless third party or a centralized server that could be hacked or manipulated in any way.
  4. Easy Accessibility: With the introduction of browser extensions, telegram bots and dapp wrappers, users are able to take full advantage of Immutable X’s features on their own terms without having to install any new software or programs.
  5. Insured Funds: Finding additional sources of insurance for digital assets is an ongoing challenge in the realm of decentralized finance - one that is addressed by Immutable X's insured wallet systems which offer coverage against losses due to cyberattacks and errors related to programming code flaws

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