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The world's 1st utility platform for NFT creators & holders
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Tropee is working to add real-world utility to NFT collections. With Tropee, NFT creators can add engaging utilities to their NFT collection in a way that's user friendly and incredibly useful.

What's great is the utility can be added post-mint making this useful and available for NFT collections that are already out there in the world.



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  • Can add utility post-mint
  • Simple creation system
  • Single management dashboard



  • Add multiple types of utility including real-world discounts, digital content access, in-person events
  • Segment holders
  • Community led utilities (offer utility based on community membership)






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What is Tropee?

Tropee is a platform that allows NFT creators to add much needed real-life utility to their collections - even if the collection is already minted.

With Tropee, NFT creators can segment holders and add specific utility that helps them grow their brand. We're talking utility including...

  • Real-world items
  • Digital content
  • Virtual event access
  • In-person event access
  • Allow list access
  • Raffles

What problem does Tropee solve?

2021 saw a huge boom in the interest in NFTs.

PFP projects and interesting artwork collections were popping up left, right, and centre.

Unfortunately, a lot of the projects that were artwork only have dropped massively in value. A lot of the communities around them are now all but dead.

The NFT projects that have had long-term value and continue to be exciting and engaging are those that add real value through utility to their holders.

For a while, I thought that collections that didn't have baked in utility would all die a slow death - especially as utility seems to be the thing most NFT collectors now look for.

Tropee is giving collections that don't yet have utility another chance.

By allowing collections to add utility - even after they've been minted - they're giving the brands that want to offer their holders a great experience another opportunity to build their project in a way their audience wants.

Who uses Tropee?

Tropee can be used by anyone interested and invested in the world of NFTs.

Their new community-led utility feature allows anyone to create any utility for any collection.

For example, if you're fan of a certain collection and want to offer people who hold NFTs a certain benefit, you can do that.

This is a huge opportunity for those who are looking to grow partnerships with specific collections and their members. You simply find a collection with an overlapping audience and say "if you hold X, we'll offer you Y".

To help identify what a utility creator's affiliation with the targeted collection is, Tropee assigns roles including...

  • Creator role - for creators of NFTs/collections
  • Holder role - for holders of NFTs/collections
  • Non-holder role

What's Tropee's primary use case?

Tropee's primary use case is to help communities and NFT collections offer better utility.

A lot of collections were created without thinking of how it would benefit the end user.

With Tropee, utility and real world benefits can be added to any collection and that's whether or not you own or are even a member of that collection.

This will make the value of certain NFTs and collections increase as anyone can now assign extra value to them.

How to get started with Tropee

Head to the Tropee site and click on the "Get Started" button in the top right.

You'll be asked to connect your wallet.

How to use Tropee

After you've connected your wallet, you'll be asked to enter your email address.

How to use Tropee

And just like that you're now in Tropee's dashboard. From here you'll see an onboarding video to help you set up the campaigns and actions you need to.

How to use Tropee

Tropee contact details

If you want to get in touch with the Tropee team, they have live chat on site or you can reach out through the below.

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