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Best Web3 job boards of 2023 - Find your perfect blockchain job

Web3 jobs offer you flexibility, remote-work environments, globally competitive salaries and more, but one of the biggest challenges for crypto enthusiasts is knowing where to start. Searching for the perfect job opportunity can be a daunting task. 

We understand the challenges you face in discovering the ideal career path that aligns with your passion and expertise. Fret not, as Decent Reviews is here to be your guiding light! 

In this article, we’ll get you up to speed on the best job boards to secure your career in web3. With our comprehensive research and expert insights, you can rest assured that the perfect job awaits you in the transformative world of Web3. 

Get ready to unlock boundless possibilities for your career growth and success in Web3!

The best Web3 job boards

1. Web3 Careers

Best for all levels of crypto-experienced job seekers. Consolidated job board with a huge range of crypto companies and jobs listed.

Discover an abundance of job openings through Web3 Careers, featuring a user-friendly filtering system to tailor your search for the highest-paying, most sought-after roles, internships, or exciting positions.

Web3.careers offers a vast variety of web3 jobs to search from with specific fields tailored for your search needs. It also offers a “Remote” mode to filter only the remote jobs you seek worldwide.

Pros & Cons Of Web3 CareersPros:

  • Wide array of jobs and companies available.
  • Suitable for wide ranges of candidates.
  • Specific search functions for specific job-cases. 
  • Reliable Remote-only search mode.


  • Clutter with job search possible.

Check out Web3 Careers here 

2. Crypto Jobs List

Best for job applicants looking for a focused job board, with an AI resume builder feature.

Discover thousands of cryptocurrency, Web3, and blockchain jobs on CryptoJobsList. 

The site has detailed job listings that are updated daily across categories. Easily connect with top crypto companies in just a few clicks by browsing open positions by specialty.

CryptoJobsList also offers the option for applicants to build talent profiles, benchmark web3 salaries, and even build their resumes via an AI tool. 

Pros & Cons Of Crypto Jobs ListPros:

  • Focused search and job opportunities.
  • Great for developers, option to search across various roles.
  • Build a resume and create talent profiles.


  • Limited listed jobs. 

Check out CryptoJobsList here

3. Web3 Internship

Best for a complete beginner or a crypto enthusiast looking for an entry into the crypto industry from the ground up.

Web3 Internships kickstarts your web3 career through internship and contract work opportunities with leading blockchain companies. The platform connects new and rising web3 enthusiasts with short-term positions at innovative organizations placing their bets on fresh talent. 

Gain valuable experience in the blockchain space by applying for web3 internships and contract roles tailored for those looking to break into the industry.


  • Best for new entrants into crypto/web3 jobs.
  • Reliable source for crypto aspirants and enthusiasts. 
  • Role-specific internship search options available.


  • No assistance for new entrants looking to search jobs. 

Check out Web3 Internships here

4. Wellfound (Formerly AngelList)

Best for all types of applicants, especially experienced job seekers. The platform’s native UI works in favor of experienced applicants having companies (especially startups) search for, and find optimal candidates.

WellFound is a job search platform specifically tailored for the startups. 

With its crypto filter, experienced blockchain professionals can easily find relevant open roles at innovative companies in the space. 

For job seekers with proven expertise looking to work on cutting-edge web3 projects, WellFound provides access to exclusive opportunities not found on traditional job sites. 

The crypto-focused features allow seasoned applicants to connect directly with teams recognizing the value of their specialized skillsets. By leveraging WellFound, web3 job seekers can advance their careers in blockchain alongside like-minded professionals.


  • Startup focused website for both applicants and employers.
  • Suited for experienced candidates, but also reliable for newer entrants.
  • Jobs may seek you out depending on resume/experience.
  • Direct contact with employees at companies.


  • Fewer crypto jobs available than most. 
  • Mostly used for wider industry talent pools

Check out Wellfound here 

5. MetaIntro

Best for new and experienced candidates, especially those looking to beef up their resume and directly connect with other job seekers and companies. MetaIntro is slowly building up to be the pulse of the crypto job industry.

MetaIntro is (as of the time of writing) a budding Discord-only job seeking community in web3. 

From its humble beginnings in 2021 to the massive community it has grown into today, it seeks to redefine the way applicants find web3 jobs. 

The Discord allows users to choose roles that the applicant seeks and tags said roles in case of openings across various companies. 

Moreover, MetaIntro allows companies to directly recruit volunteers for their companies. 

Their blogs and podcasts cover all the pain points and areas in need of improvement for candidates looking to ace interviews or beef up their resume’s.


  • Easy to enter and apply via Discord.
  • Easy navigation for job entrants.
  • Get notified on the go. 
  • Vast information database for web3 career building and job seeking.


  • Currently only available via Discord (website building soon).

Check out MetaIntro here

6. Remote OK

Best for all applicants searching for Crypto and non-crypto jobs. Offers vast range of remote jobs across industries.

RemoteOK is a free online job board for remote work, owned by NomadList. 

It lets you search and filter remote jobs by category or specific requirements. You can use it along with NomadList to browse destinations and openings. Sign up for email alerts on new remote job postings.


  • Search for jobs across and beyond web3
  • Vast range of job profiles, suitable for any level of candidate.
  • Trusted and reliable website.


  • Not especially web3 focused.
  • Remote work may vary depending on industry.
  • May not be beginner friendly (crypto).

Check out Remote OK here

7. Remote3

Best for all applicants looking to enter web3/crypto jobs. 

Remote3 is a specialized job board focused solely on roles in the web3 and crypto space. With a tightly targeted audience of blockchain engineers, developers and enthusiasts, It is a go-to platform for web3 hiring despite its modest size. 

Though it lacks the brand partnerships of larger boards, Remote3 cultivates an engaged community eager to work on bleeding-edge blockchain projects.


  • More “Featured Jobs” from top companies hiring quickly. 
  • Jobs updated fast and as per availability.
  • Developer focused hiring.
  • Regular blog focusing on web3 hiring.
  • Find Hackathons easier. 


  • May limit more to developers than broader talent pool.
  • Newer job board (relatively) to other boards on web3.

Check out Remote3 here

What Are Web3 Job Boards?

Web3 job boards are online platforms that focus specifically on careers and opportunities in the decentralized internet space. 

They cater to both job seekers looking to work in crypto/blockchain as well as Web3 companies seeking to hire specialized talent. By consolidating and curating Web3 and crypto-related job listings in one place, these boards help connect skilled individuals to open positions that align with their expertise. 

Web3 job seekers can find relevant blockchain roles like smart contract programming, NFT design, and metaverse development more easily. 

Meanwhile, employers can tap into a pool of candidates passionate and knowledgeable about the niche Web3 domain. 

With specialized filters and branding focused on the unique values of the blockchain industry, Web3 job boards aim to efficiently match talent to opportunities pushing decentralized technology forward.

How to choose the best Web3 Job Board for you?

Finding the right Web3 job board depends on your specific career needs and goals. Consider what type of role, experience level, and work environment you are looking for. 

If you are a beginner, look for boards featuring crypto internships and entry-level opportunities. Seasoned professionals should leverage platforms that allow companies to search for candidates based on specialized skills. 

Evaluate the job board's user interface and filters to see if they facilitate your job search process. 

Look for active discussion forums and networking options to engage directly with peers and employers. Pick sites that align with your preferences for remote, in-office, or flexible work. With an understanding of your own career objectives, you can determine which Web3 job board provides the best fit.

What are the benefits of using a Web3 Job Board?

Web3 is possibly the new way of working for the world. A mostly remote environment combined with time flexibility and freedom is the new way to go for companies and employees. 

Ensuring mutual trust and optimizing employee satisfaction, work-life balance, and performance ensures the best results for web3 brands and projects with a decentralized ethos. 

The niche focus and tailored features of Web3 job boards provide major advantages for those pursuing careers in blockchain technology and the decentralized internet. 

You can easily find roles that match your specific crypto interests and talents through the specialized filters. Exclusive web3 openings that won't appear on mainstream job sites give you access to exciting, cutting-edge opportunities. 

Active discussion forums allow you to network and connect directly with innovative companies and like-minded peers. Staying on top of the fast-paced blockchain industry is easier with a dedicated web3 career platform. 

By leveraging these one-stop portals for the niche crypto job market, you can find the right fit while advancing your career alongside professionals who share your passions. 

The information provided on DecentReviews does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice. Do not treat any of the websites content as such. DecentReviews does not recommend that any cryptocurrency or blockchain asset should be bought, sold, or held by you. Conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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