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Submt your Web3 project to DecentReviews now

Why bother generating off-site reviews?

Most customers don't just head to your site and sign up based on the promises you make.

This is especially true for higher cost and/or riskier purchases. Sadly, Web3 projects are often considered high-risk.

Most potential customers and users will shop around and look for customer reviews and impartial comparisons from third parties.

You need to generate these elements to increase trust and as a result, conversion rate.

Why reviews are needed in Web3

DecentReviews is the only Web3 specific review site that leverages real reviews from real users.

If you want to build trust in your offer, add the details of your project below to get listed on our growing site.

Terms and conditions

We'd love to be able to list every single project that's submitted to us. However, that's not possible and, honestly, a little irresponsible considering how many bad actors are in the space.

We've created a simple set of rules for projects we can add to the site, and a few pointers on the process.

  1. We won't list cryptocurrencies or NFTs that don't have a community/utility
  2. We might not publish your review in the exact words in which it is submitted. DecentReviews reserves the right to amend certain details to confirm with our editorial guidelines.
  3. We'll let you know when the review is published with some extra info on how to generate engagement and reviews.
  4. Any questions, use the contact link in the footer below.