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Submit a guest post and get featured on Decent Reviews!

Here at Decent Reviews we're aiming to help bring trust and credibility back into Web3.

We want to help legit projects more effectively grow, and help users of Web3 projects make more informed decisions.

As such, we're very selective on the topics and articles we accept. Generally speaking, we focus on the below...

  • Web3 project marketing and growth advice
  • Opinion pieces on the issues and future of Web3
  • Detailed analysis of the technology and what it means for users

We do not accept pieces that are overly promotional or that focus on investment opportunities like cryptocurrencies. There are plenty of other sites out there that cover these elements in more detail.

What do you get when writing for us?

We'll ensure that you get the below when getting a piece published with us.

  • Get editorial advice from a 10-year veteran of online publishing who's used content to scale multiple brands to 7 figures+
  • We'll work to make your piece the best reflection of you and your opinions as possible
  • 1 do-follow backlink to a site of your choice
  • We'll promote your article to our social audience and community
  • We'll syndicate the content on large sites like HackerNoon and various Medium publications (if it's a fit for their audience)
  • A by-line of your own
  • You can use these pieces in a portfolio

What your post should include

When submitting to us, make sure that your post...

  1. Adheres to the topics we cover that are outlined above
  2. Is at least 1000 words (preferably 1500+)
  3. Is not written by an AI writing bot (we will decline anything we believe to be written by AI which has not then been edited by a human)
  4. Includes relevant images and cites them properly
  5. Showcases an area you are either passionate or knowledgeable in
  6. Helps solve a real problem people in the space face

Most importantly for us, is for you to have some fun with the piece. Showcase your personality and views. Even if a lot of people will disagree with what you say.

The process to submission

Our team has been in online publishing a long time. Which has, sadly, made us very critical.

We only want the best content on our site, which means low value posts will be denied. trust me, we've been doing this long enough we can spot a generic attempt at getting a backlink.

The process is pretty simple.

  • Step 1 - Submit your ideas through the below form
  • Step 2 - Our editor will reach out if they're of interest and also provide feedback
  • Step 3 - You create a draft in an editable Google Document and share with the editor
  • Step 4 - Editor offers feedback and amendment suggestions
  • Step 5 - Step 3 and 4 repeat until the piece is as good as it can be
  • Step 6 - We publish and promote

Simple as that. If you're interested, feel free to submit some ideas below.