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Zapper is a Web3 analysis tool that gives you an overview of your portfolio and helps you explore other Web3 opportunities.
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With Zapper, you get a dashboard that gives you an overview of your portfolio as well as a "Web3" explorer that can pull stats and information for key assets like NFT collections, wallet explorer, and even DeFi opportunities.



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  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Good explorer options



  • Portfolio dashboard
  • NFT explorer
  • Wallet explorer
  • DeFi protocol explorer






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What is Zapper? 

Zapper is a Web3 explorer and research tool

With Zapper, you're able to quickly search for and analyse various assets and protocols in Web3.

For example, if you want to find a specific NFT within a collection and understand it's price and options, you can simply click a few filterable options to be given a rundown of NFTs that fit those filters.

From there, you can find the owner and understand how much they might want to sell the asset for.

You can use the same functionality to understand...

  • Liquidity of DewFi protocols
  • Value of DAOS
  • Assets and actions of specific wallets

What problem does Zapper solve?

One of the major problems in Web3 is how decentralized everything is becoming.

We know that's the point, but at the same time it's a problem right now as it damages UX.

If you're looking for a specific asset or opportunity, you not only have to go through multiple platforms to find the general price and listings, but you might also have to contend with cross chain issues and research.

This is where Zapper comes in.

Zapper is a DeFi and NFT research platform that gives you an overview of NFT collections, DeFi protocols, and DAOs - as well as the ability to asses a specific wallet's assets.

With Zapper, you can get a better understanding of a collection or assets price and trade history, quickly discover a protocol's liquidity, and get insight into average prices.

All from a single dashboard that makes it easy to explore the opportunities for you in Web3.

What operating systems does Zapper work on?

Zapper works through their desktop app.

You can also download the Zapper app for iOS and Android systems.

How to get started with Zapper

Head to the Zapper site and click on the "connect wallet" button.

You'll be asked to sync the wallet you most often use.

How to get started with Zapper

From here, complete the connection process and you're ready to rock and roll.

Zapper contact

You can contact Zapper through their site or through one of the below channels.

Zapper Twitter

Zapper Help site

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