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ZAG Network

Zag Network is a professional social media platform built on Lens Protocol
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ZAG Network


Zag Network is a professional social network built on LENS Protocl and Polygon Chain.

Zag allows their users (zaggers) control their data, privacy and be incentivised for it. Unlike many exisating social networks, they're giving control back to their users.

ZAG Network


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ZAG Network

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ZAG Network
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  • Be incentivised and earn ZAG tokens for being active on ZAG platform and contribute to the ZAG ecosystem


  • You have to manage your social presence on ZAG platform as well as the existing ones you are on.


  • ZAG's ecosystem will allow users to provide services in exchange for ZAG tokens e.g. bounty to build software, customer support, writing up profiles and resumes, providing training and coaching.


ZAG Network




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ZAG Network

ZAG Network


ZAG Network


What is Zag Network?

Zag Network is a decentralized social media network built for professionals.

Its similar to existing web 2.0 social networks like LinkedIn, however, Zag incentivizes people who are engaged with the community and ecosystem and will (in time) allow users to post jobs for Zag tokens directly within the network.

What problem does Zag Network solve?

Zag Network's new approach to social media is solving three key issues.

1) Lack of incentivisation (via ZAG tokens) for user data and privacy on social media platform. Zag is aiming to disrupt the behemoth professional social network bygiving the power back to the users.

2) Content quality from user posts. Zag is incentivising users to post high quality and relevant content with ZAG tokens if the post exceeds a determined number of views, likes, comments (similar to YouTube's model)

3) Eliminating or reducing the number of fake/bot accounts. ZAGGERS will be incentivised to KYC when they register on ZAG and they will be rewarded with ZAG tokens. They can also choose to not KYC but will have to buy a "blue tick" for the equivalent of $1. Last option is to remained as a non-verified user. Only verified accounts can earn ZAG tokens.

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