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Yield App

Yield App is a digital asset wealth management platform that allows users to earn high-interest rates on a variety of cryptocurrency assets.

Yield App


Yield App offers its users exposure to DeFi and other digital asset investment strategies while being custodial. The platform doesn’t charge gas fees and pays interest daily. Currently, Yield App supports four assets (USDT, USDC, ETH and BTC) for earning APY.

Yield App


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Yield App

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Yield App
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Yield App
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  • High-interest rates of up to 17% APY for YLD token holders.
  • Exposure to DeFi and other digital asset investment strategies.
  • No gas fees.
  • Daily interest payments.


  • Rewards are not automatically added or compounded. Users must manually reinvest their rewards inside their account.
  • Limited number of supported assets (USDT, USDC, ETH and BTC).


  • Custodial app with exposure to DeFi and other digital asset investment strategies.
  • No gas fees.
  • Daily interest payments.
  • YLD loyalty and rewards program.


Yield App




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Yield App

Yield App


Yield App


What is Yield App? 

Yield App is a registered digital asset wealth management platform that allows customers to buy, trade, and earn on crypto. It offers market-leading yields on its Earn products, which span seven crypto assets. 

The platform offers exposure to innovative digital asset investment strategies curated by Yield App’s investment team catering to diverse risk profiles in fluctuating markets. 

Other key features include direct fiat on- and off-ramps for EUR and GBP, in-app swaps, a custodial wallet and proprietary institutional-grade security infrastructure.

There are no gas fees and up to 11% APY is paid out daily. Yield App currently offers APY on USDT, USDC, TUSD, DAI, BNB, ETH and BTC as well as its native YLD token.

With Yield, users are able to...

  • Earn daily compounding interest on crypto
  • Instantly swap crypto assets for other crypto assets
  • Deposit GBP or EUR into your account and instantly trade for crypto
  • Get access to high yield staking opportunities

The Yield team is also working on building out a high net-worth investing platform for larger holders and users. It' should be available to users soon.

Yield App Pros

  • Makes it easy to buy, sell, trade and earn competitive yields.
  • Daily, auto-compounding interest on stablecoins, BNB, ETH and BTC up to 11% APY.
  • Platform offers up to 12% APY on its native YLD token. 
  • YLD holders get early-stage access to Haven1, a new Layer 1 blockchain.
  • Yield App is registered with the OAM in Italy as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP).
  • Experienced team, with record of success.
  • Easy-to-use EUR and GBP on-ramp and off-ramp into crypto with as little as 1 EUR / 1 GBP, and off-ramp to your bank account.
  • Users can make in-app swaps up to $100k a day.
  • The onboarding process is surprisingly easy and seamless.
  • Free internal transfers.
  • Loyalty tiers offer additional benefits such as free withdrawals and exclusive products.

Yield App Cons

  • Although it’s ever-expanding, there are a mited number of fiat currency options.
  • Likewise, there are also a limited number of supported crypto assets (DAI, TUSD, USDT, USDC, BNB, ETH and BTC).
  • The mobile app is not as intuitive to use as the web platform.
  • The platform’s higher interest rate products require lock-up of assets. 
  • There is a high spread on YLD swaps.

Yield App Features

Market-leading rates on crypto assets

Yield App pays up to 11% APY on stablecoins USDT, USDC, DAI, and TUSD, up to 7% on BTC, up to 7.5% on ETH and 6% on BNB. The rate you earn depends on your choice of product (Flexible, Earn+ or Earn+ 365).

  • Flexible: Redeem crypto anytime. 
  • Earn+: 30-day redemption period for higher rates. 
  • Earn+ 365: 1-year lock-up for the highest rates on the platform, focusing on a long-term investment approach. 
Yield app rates

*Note: Rates depend on your selected asset, portfolio, and membership tier. Rewards are paid every 24 hours.

Learn more:

High-interest crypto investment opportunities with Yield Pro

Yield App recently launched the Yield Pro range of crypto structured products. These sophisticated investment products allow you to earn high returns on your crypto.

Yield Pro offers three crypto structured products:

  • Sell-high dual currency
  • Buy-low dual currency
  • Sharkfin

More details:

Yield Pro Simulator

To help users understand these, Yield App has launched Yield Pro Simulator app: an intuitive educational app designed to help you test your market views, build investment strategies and familiarize yourself with structured products on the go without financial risk.

Download Yield Pro Simulator:

More information on crypto structured products:

Fiat rails and swaps

EUR & GBP fiat rails 

On Yield App, you can buy or sell crypto directly with EUR/GBP via bank transfers.Yield App’s partnership with Volt and Fiat Republic facilitates uninterrupted access to on- and off-ramps for as little as 1 EUR/GBP. 

Yield App does not charge deposit fees, but does charge withdrawal fees for off-ramping your fiat back out to your bank account. The withdrawal fee is 0.1% of the total amount, with a minimum fee of 10 EUR/GBP. 

Virtual IBANs

Yield App provides you with a virtual account in your own name, allowing you to transfer fiat directly from your bank account. Currently available for EUR and GBP via SEPA Instant and UK FPS local payment methods.

Swap crypto

You can instantly swap between all listed crypto assets inside the Yield App platform, with a high daily limit of $100k. 

Learn more: EUR/GBP fiat rails | Swap

Military-grade security

Yield App has a strong focus on security, which allowed it to avoid some of the pitfalls of 2022 and keep its customers’ assets safe. It employs 256-bit encryption, strict internal risk controls and due diligence, along with a proprietary risk framework. 

Registered in Italy

Yield App is registered in the European Union as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) by the Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM). Registering as a VASP shows the app’s commitment to regulatory compliance and adherence to European financial services directives such as the Fund Transfer Regulation (FTR) and the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA).

Incubating community-driven Layer 1 blockchain

Yield App is incubating Haven1, a community-driven Layer 1 blockchain with a strong focus on security that aims to solve the key roadblocks to mainstream crypto adoption.

All YLD holders will automatically become founding members of this new blockchain when it goes live in Q1 2024. By staking their YLD, users on Yield App will have a unique opportunity to earn locked H1 returns (Haven1’s native token) starting 1 January 2024, for a period of 5 years. 

Moreover, the Haven1 Foundation granted 300m H1 tokens to YLD stakers and Yield App users for its role in incubating Haven1.

What problem does Yield App solve? 

Yield App addresses the challenge of safely earning passive yield on digital assets. Many individuals hold cryptocurrency but are unsure of how to earn interest on their holdings in a secure manner.

Yield App offers a simple and user-friendly solution to this problem by providing a platform where users can deposit their digital assets and earn interest without having to worry about the safety of their funds.

Who uses Yield App? 

Yield App is used by individuals who want to earn passive yield on their digital assets in a safe and secure manner.

The platform is suitable for anyone who holds cryptocurrency and wants to earn interest on their holdings without having to worry about the complexities of managing their own investments.

While it can be used by those who are casual traders with only a small amount of holdings, they have upcoming services and features that will appeal to larger holders and whales who need a robust trading platform.

Is Yield App a scam?

We do not believe that Yield App is a scam, and we believe that it is safe to use.

Yield App complies with international Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. They've also partnered with various global compliance partners who provide a range of services, including customer verification, independent audits and attestations, and legal advisory.

While this all seems above board, we must say that this is not financial advice. Before you trust any platform or tool with your funds, do your own due diligence and ensure that you're happy and comfortable in trusting the service.

What platforms is Yield App available on?

YieldApp is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

You can also use their desktop browser app. You're able to log into the platform and action all of the features from the comfort of a desktop screen.

What can Yield App be used for? 

Yield App can be used to earn passive yield on digital assets.

Users can deposit their cryptocurrency holdings into the platform and start earning interest. The platform supports several popular cryptocurrencies, including USDT, USDC, ETH and BTC.\

Does Yield have its own Token?

Yes, Yield app has its own token YLD.

By staking or locking YLD, users can gain access to the highest rates on the platform, enjoy free withdrawals, VIP support, VIP chat room, priority access to the platform’s upcoming card program and join Yield App’s invite-only Discord.

By staking more YLD you get better returns.

YLD token benefits

Below is a quick overview of the YLD details from CoinMarketCap.

YLD token details

More details:

How to obtain YLD 

YLD (ERC20) contract address: 0xF94b5C5651c888d928439aB6514B93944eEE6F48

You can buy and/or trade YLD on seven crypto exchanges:

  • 1inch
  • AscendEX
  • Bittrex Global
  • KuCoin
  • SushiSwap
  • Uniswap

You can also swap other assets into YLD directly on the Yield App platform using the in-built swap feature.

What are the loyalty tiers?

Stake/lock YLD for various benefits across four loyalty tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

More details:

How to get started with Yield App? 

Yield App is available on mobile devices and desktop.

Whatever your preferred platform you'll have to complete basic KYC registration.

To get started with Yield App, individuals can visit the Yield App website and follow the instructions to create an account.

Click on "sign up" and you'll see the below page.

Yield app sign up screen

Fill in your basic log in details and oyu'll be asked to complete the more detailed KYC information.

YIeld app KYC registration

Of all the KYCs we've done here at Decent Reviews, this was one of the easiest and fastest.

We completed the process in under 10 minutes and we were fully verified within 5 minutes of completing the submission. Onc e you are verified, you'll be dropped into the main Yield dashboard for you to start using the app.

Yield app dashboard showing various charts and trackers

Yield App Referral Program

Yield App offers a straightforward and rewarding referral program.

You can refer as many friends to Yield App as you like. Once they open an account using your referral link/code and invest $1,000 into any Earn+ portfolios, you’ll both get $25 in BTC.

Here’s how:

  1. Share your referral code or link (Find your referral link or code under the “Settings” tab in your Yield App account)
  2. Your friend uses this to sign up to Yield App
  3. They deploy at least $1,000 to any Earn+ or Earn+ 365 product
  4. Both of you get $25 in BTC 

More details:

Members’ benefits

Yield App offers Diamond Tier customers (those who have locked/staked at least 20,000 YLD) various exclusive benefits, including:

  • Exclusive access to Earn+ 365: an exclusive one-year lock-up for the highest rates.
  • These are 11% on stablecoins, 7.5% on ETH, 7% on BTC and 6% on BNB.
  • Three free withdrawals to traditional bank accounts per month.
  • Access to VIP chat support to answer any queries..

Yield app's team

The team behind Yield App has decades of combined experience in both traditional and decentralized finance. 

Yield App was founded in 2020 by Tim Frost, who was instrumental in building several prominent fintech companies, including EQIBank and Wirex.

The team has a strong traditional asset management background with the platform’s CIO, Lucas Kiel, having worked as a senior trader and managing director at Credit Suisse in Hong Kong. COO 

Justin Wright has hands-on experience in structured financial product development and multi-asset class financial arbitrage while CFO James Sutherland has accumulated over 25 years of TradFi experience.

Year Founded: 
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