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XMTP is building an open protocol for messaging across Web3
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XMTP (Extensible Message Transport Protocol) is an open protocol, network, and standards for secure, private web3 messaging.

The XMTP network persists messages and ties them to a Web3 identity instead of the existing approach of using a client app (like GMail). The result is a portable inbox that can be accessed by any any client app using XMTP.



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  • Could make it much easier for private messaging in Web3
  • SHould be primarily free


  • Not for newbies


  • Can run your own XMTP node






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What is XMTP?

XMTP stands for Extensible Message Transport Protocol. It's an open protocol that will allow messaging between Web3 identities.

With XMTP, you'll be able to send...

  • 1-2-1 private messages
  • 1-2-many private messages

The message identifiers are linked to a Web3 identity which means users will not be tied into a message provider like Gmail. Users will be able to move their inbox to any protocol using XMTP.

What problem does XMTP solve?

Messaging and communication is still one of the big problems within Web3.

From a personal level, there's no way for me to easily shoot a message to someone if all I know is their wallet address or ENS domain.

From a professional level, there's no easy way for me to send a community message to those in the DecentReviews community.

Sure, we can build something out in Telegram or Discord and use those for mass messages.

The problem is you don't own those platforms. If either company goes under or decide you don't comply with their ToS, you've lost access to messaging your community.

Add to that the difference in ENS Domain name, wallet address, Telegram usernames, Discord handles, and Twitter handles. You often can't find one person across even 2 of these platforms.

This is what XMTP is looking to solve.

With XMTP users should be able to create a portable inbox linked to one ID.

Kind of like email. However, these messaging IDs won't be tied to a platform like Gmail. If a user wants to move their primary inbox elsewhere, they can move it to any app running XMTP.

It makes it a lot easier for individuals to find each other even if they move messaging app. And means that projects who have built a community will be able to continue messaging them even if they move to another app platform.

Add to this the complete privacy of these messages and this could form the foundation of great Web3 decentralized messaging.

How to get started with XMTP

You'll need to be a developer or have a dev team if you want to implement XMTP.

Head to their site and click on the "Explore the XMTP SDK" button. This will take you to their Github where you can find all of the details to implemnent XMTP with your app.

How to set up XMTP.

XMTP Contact

If you want to get in touch with the MXTP team you can do so through their website or via the below channels.

XMTP Twitter

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