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Web3 Island Makers

Web3 Island Makers empowers the people building an center for web3 entrepreneurship in Canary Island.
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Web3 Island Makers


Canary Islands are a hot spot for digital nomadism and Web3 entrepreneurs.

Web3 Island Makers aim to build a center for web3 entrepreneurship. Their DAO currently has 200 members, organizes 2 events per month and has their own decentralized startup studio.

Web3 Island Makers


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Web3 Island Makers

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Web3 Island Makers
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  • Start of a new ecosystem
  • Camaraderie with other web3 projects
  • Contributors get rewarded with the native $PEAK token.


  • Rather geo localized


  • Monthly events

Web3 Island Makers


What is Web3 Island Makers?

Web3 Island Makers aims to empower the people building in web3 throeugh their Canary Islands center.

They help web3 professionals to find like minded teammates, structure their company, and find more manpower and raise funds.

What problem does Web3 Island Makers solve?

Web3 Island Makers helps builders in Web3 by offering them a community of hteir peers and various support assets to help people make more progress.

Who uses Web3 Island Makers?

Web3 Island Makers currently has an audience of Web3 entrepreneurs and developers.

Whilst still small, they're planning to grow aggressively in the next few years.

How to get started with Web3 Island Makers?

Head to their site and join their Discord server lto receive a welcome pack and key information.

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Web3 Island Makers




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Web3 Island Makers