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Uniswap.Fish is an all-in-one dashboard for Uniswap liquidity providers
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Uniswap.Fish gives Uniswap Liquidity providers the ability to calculate, discover, analyse, and track their positions from a single dashboard.


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  • Great all-in-one solution for UniSwap liquidity providers


  • Only available with UniSwap


  • Calculator
  • Manage and track positions





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What is Uniswap.Fish? is an all-in-one workspace for Uniswap liquidity providers.

The service has created allows liquidity providers to easily calculate, discover, analyse, manage and track their positions within Uniswap.

The feature set is still early, but we believe they'll be adding more functionality to the tool as time goes by.

What problem does Uniswap.Fish solve?

Tracking investment opportunities and identifying where to put your money is difficult in the best of times.

Cryptocurrencies has made it more complex and difficult to stay on top of good investment opportunities. It's especially difficult on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

Uniswap.Fish has created a simple dashboard that allows you to easily understand the details of your positions and get the information you need to make the right moves.

How to get started with Uniswap.Fish

Head to the Uniswap.Fish site and you'll be greeted with the calculator.

How to use

Add the details of the network and the pair you want the information on.

The calculator will auto-populate with basic information.

How to use calculator

Finally click on the "Calculate" button to be given the full readout on the main dashboard.

How to use review

Uniswap.Fish contact details

if you want to get in touch with's team ,you can do so through their website or through the below.

Uniswap.Fish Twitter

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