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Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet enables users to stake their coins in order to gain interest.

Trust Wallet


Trust Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet enables users to stake their coins in order to gain interest.

Trust Wallet


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Trust Wallet

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Trust Wallet
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  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Users control their private keys; private keys are not stored in the wallet’s servers.
  • Allows staking and earning returns on multiple digital assets held.
  • Supports and stores a huge range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Free and easy download.
  • Easy to navigate interface.


  • Not supported on Desk-top
  • Not as secure as Hard ware wallet


  • Secure access
  • Supports a huge range of cryptocurrencies for trading
  • Supports Credit Card Exchange
  • Earn Interest DApps (Decentralized apps)


Trust Wallet




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Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet


Trust Wallet


What is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is a crypto wallet that works as an application on your phone.

The wallet is an open-source, decentralized wallet founded by a US- based Ukrainian software developer Viktor Radchenko in 2017.

Early users were attracted to the app's “automagically tokens'' feature, which allowed users to identify and reveal any ERC-20 tokens associated with their address.

It supports over 150K+ assets and blockchains and allows traders to stake their crypto coins to earn interest.

The wallet, which was originally designed to hold the ERC20 and ERC223 tokens only, has now been developed to hold other leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

Trust wallet has a built-in Web3 browser that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies through the native DEX (decentralized exchange) that operates on the Kyber Network.

It also allows users to access the various DApps (decentralized applications) built on the Ethereum platform directly through the Trust Wallet app. The wallet is compatible on both IOS and Android but doesn’t support Desktop.

What problem does Trust Wallet solve?

Crypto wallets will, with time, take over the way we interact with so many different applications.

They'll be used as single sign ons for the dApps you use to run your life and businesses.
They'll be the identifiers for others to send money or contact one another.
They'll be the foundation of your new banking accounts.

The problem with having everything run through one account is you're creating a single point of failure.

Lose your wallet, lose everything.

Seed phrases mean you can always recover. And cold wallets make sure you have an extra layer of security.

one thing that's missing with a lot of the wallets out there is easier usage for the average user.

most people use their phones to browse and engage with brands today. And so a crypto wallet that works directly from your mobile device is key.

And that's exactly what Trust Wallet is.

Trust Wallet is both a phone and browser extension wallet that offers ease of use when interacting with cryptocurrency and dapps.

Is Trust Wallet legit?

Yes, we believe that Trust Wallet is both legit and safe.

However, this is not financial advice nor is it a recommendation or sponsorship of Trust Wallet. This thing will be controlling your assets and profile in Web3. D your own due diligence and make sure you're comfortable with this wallet controlling your crypto for you.

Does Trust Wallet have a Dapp browser?


Trust Wallet has a specific browser that allows more seamless browsing and integration of popular dapps including...

  • Opensea
  • Rarible
  • LooksRare

And many more.

Where can I download Trust Wallet?

You can download Trust Wallet from their website.

You can also get the mobile apps on the app store for your device.

Be careful when downloading the app from the app storew. Some bad actors sometimes make a similar looking app in an attempt to steal your assets.

Our recommendation is to go to the Trust Wallet site and follow the official links to the right listing for their app.

Does Trust Wallet have a browser extension? 

Yes, Trust Wallet has a browser extension. Again, please ensure you download this by following links on the official site.

The extension can be downloaded and used with the following browsers...

  • Chrome
  • Brave
  • Opera
  • Edge

And others which are not specified on the site.

Trust Wallet contact details

If you want to learn more and get in touch with the Trust Wallet team you can do so through their site or the below links.

Trust Wallet Twitter

Trust Wallet LinkedIn

Trust Wallet Telegram

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Trust Wallet