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tProof is a decentralized proof of timestamp



tProof is a service that creates open source blockchain evidence that a file exists.

It timestamps files certifying the document date and stores it on chain as a dedicated NFT.



Taker fee =
$0.89 - $3 per certificate
Maker fee =


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  • Open source
  • Offers immutable proof of file creation
  • Cheap



  • Works with any file type
  • Publish or keep files private






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What is tProof?

tProof is a certification platform that allows users to make use of blockchain technology to create immutable proof of a file's existence.

With tProof, you're able to certify the files existence on a certain date, creating better clarity around when something is created for future reference.

What problem does tProof solve?

identifying the original creator of artwork, or even information based documents, can be a real problem.

Every week you'll find something on social media where someone calls out a poster for stealing their post or artwork from someone else.

The reality of finding out who the original creator is can be a difficult task.

And if things ever get to the point where legal action is taken, there's going to need to be a lengthy discovery process to find the original instance of an asset.

tProof could help put an end to this.

With tProof, users are able to add a certification time stamp to any file, effectively proving the very latest point an asset is created and who created it.

This could help artists who are targets for plagiarism prove they were the first person to create and share an asset.

How to get started with tProof

Head to the tProof site and click on the "Launch App" button in the top nav bar.

You'll be given the option to link a wallet or, if you're not yet Web3 native, use their cloud platform. Choose whichever is relevant for you.

How to use tProof

Once you're in, switch your wallet to Polygon and follow the on-screen prompts to "Select File". From here you should eb able to upload your file and add a  certified time stamp.

How to use tproof

tProof contact details

You can reach out to the tProof team through their website or contact them through the below.

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