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Sudoswap is a decentralized NFT marketplace.
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Sudoswap uses automated market maker system to facilitate a decentralized approach to NFTs.

It offers a minimal, gas-efficient automated market maker (AMM) protocol that offers NFT-to-token swaps (and vice versa).



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  • Sudoswap does not charge any royalties on their trades
  • Users can instantly buy NFTs from a bonding curve or make a collection offer for a seller to accept.


  • Does not support native ETH token


  • Swap tokens for NFTs and vice versa
  • Trade NFT






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What is Sudoswap?

Sudoswap is an NFT trading marketplace that uses an automated market maker system.

Similar to Uniswap, Sudoswap leverages the Ethereum-based technology for trustless asset trading through user-funded liquidity pools.

Users of Sudoswap can trade between NFTs and ETH instead of between two fungible tokens.

At first look, it may be difficult to discern how Sudoswap differs from traditional NFT trading platforms like OpenSea, the largest NFT market in the world with trade volumes significantly exceeding those of its rivals.

Sudoswap's pools are entirely decentralized and supported by its users. This doesn't mean that trading is cost-free, nevertheless, the trading pool's designer establishes a swap fee of a few percent that is deducted from each successful NFT purchase or sale.

The people who provide the NFT and ETH liquidity get paid when assets are traded through the platform's pools. Additionally, this means that Sudoswap avoids any current royalties imposed on collections by their creators.

As a results, consumers have more motivation to use a certain pool to trade through it if the swap fees are lower. This encourages pool developers to compete with one another to offer the lowest fees, which benefits end users by lowering pricing.

Sudoswap benefits users as it enables NFT owners to instantaneously sell their assets without the need to find a buyer, increasing market liquidity and efficiency.

However, the way Sudoswap controls the value of the NFTs sold through its pools is likely its most novel feature.

Depending on how many NFTs are purchased or sold, the platform automatically adjusts the bid and ask for each collection using bonding curves.

For instance, the buy price somewhat drops when a user sells an NFT into a pool, boosting the supply.

Depending on the delta value chosen by the pool's developer, the price per NFT will decrease as more are sold until market forces determine what it is worth. On the other side, purchasing an NFT from a pool raises the price progressively, keeping the asset's price in step with demand.

Sudoswap has unique features that are not available on some other NFT platforms. It enables users to leave the counterparty field empty, making it possible for anyone to fill the order.

This is especially beneficial if you are exchanging your NFTs for fungible tokens. Interestingly, users can choose an expiration date and time. Any requested exchange that is not completed before the date and time automatically expires and is voided. Instead of having to send an on-chain transaction to cancel a swap, you now have the choice to let it expire. This reduces the potential loss if the counterparty decides not to complete a swap.

It is not feasible to create swaps via multisig wallets or smart contract wallets like Argent, which is a significant Sudoswap functionality limitation. 

What are Sudoswap's fees?

The price of assets will changes thanks to Sudoswap's AMM system.

However, when you trade on Sudoswap they take only 0.5% which is a lot less than other NFT marketplaces.

Is Sudoswap legit?

Yes, we believe Sudoswap is legit.

It's been around for quite some time with no issues to note.

Add to that the increasing usage of many in the industry and it appears safe.

However, this is not financial advice and should not be viewed as a recommendation. If you're thinking of using Sudoswap, do your own due dilligence before making any decisions.

How to get started with Sudoswap

Head to the Sudoswap site and click on "Connect Wallet" in the top nav bar.

Connect the wallet that has the assets you want to trade.

When connected, click on "My Pools" At the start, there will be nothing on this screen but a button asking you to set up your first pool.

How to set up a pool on Sudoswap

After clicking the button, you'll be presented with a few different options.

Choose the one that's most relevant to your needs and follow the simple onboarding wizard to get your first pool set up.

How to set up a pool on Sudoswap

Sudoswap contact details

You can contact the Sudoswap team through the site or through one of the below channels.

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