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Settlemint is a low-code blockchain application development platform



Settlemint's low-code platform helps even more developers and entrepreneurs build dApps.

Settlemint is an in-browser blockchain development platform that enables Web3 entrepreneurs to quickly build and deploy blockchain Web3 services.



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  • Low-code enabling more opportunities


  • Not for complete newbies


  • Multi-chain
  • Multi-cloud
  • Pre-built smart contracts
  • IPFS integration






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What is Settlemint?

Settlemint is a low-code web3 development platform.

It's a little different to many as the low-code, in-browser focus opens the world of dApp development to the less-technical entrepreneurs who are looking to validate an MVP without bringing on a technical co-founder.

By simplifying the  blockchain development process, Settlemint believes they can help far more people launch their dApp. In their documentation, they claim that their low-code development platform speeds development cycles dramatically. They claim that... .

  • Deploying blockchain networks and nodes: minutes instead of 3-4 months
  • Writing and deploying smart contracts: days instead of 2-4 months
  • Integrating with existing applications: weeks instead of 4-18 months

For the less-technical founders, this could help them get first iterations of their product up and running to validate the idea.

What problem does Settlemint solve?

There are a lot of founders out there who have an idea that could help solve real-world problems.

With the decentralization of the web gaining more traction, the potential solutions that are available has grown massively.

The problem is that many of the ideas these entrepreneurs have never grow into anything more than an idea. Some of the best ideas never take form because the founder doesn't have the technical skills to build it.

This is especially true in Web3 where new technology and infrastructure have made it difficult even for technical entrepreneurs to understand how to build.

Settlemint is looking at levelling the playing field.

Their low-code platform that can be run directly from your browser and comes with a lot of smart contract templates to help those without the technical knowledge to ubild from scratch get off the mark.

How to get started with Settlemint

Head tot he Settlemint site and click on "Start for free" in the top nav bar.

You'll see a page with a lot of information about the platform. Scroll down until you find the large button saying "Start your free trial now".

How to sign up to Settlemint

From here, you'll find yourself on a traditional sign up page. You'll have the option to sign up[ with an email address or with an Ethereum wallet.

Follow the process for whichever you find more relevant.

How to sign up to Settlemint

Follow the steps. You'll eventually hit a page where you'll be asked to enter card details.

once that's done, you'll find yourself in the Settlemint dashboard where you can work on your first dApp

Settlemint dashboard

What blockchains does Settlemint work with?

What smart contract templates does Settlemint offer?

Settlemint are constantly working on new smart contract templates, at the time of writing you'll have access to contracts for...

  • ERC-721 token
  • ERC-721 trading cards
  • ERC-721 generative art
  • ERC-20 token
  • ERC-20 token crowd sale
  • ERC-20 token meta transactions
  • Supply chain track & trace
  • State machine
  • Supply chain finance

What can you do with Settlemint?

Like their Smart Contracts, Settlemint are constantly looking at adding new features. At the time of writing, a few of the features and benefits include...

  • Set up a permissioned blockchain network or join a public network, in just a few clicks.
  • Deploy your nodes in minutes.
  • Build any use case with their smart contract template library and powerful IDE
  • Create private keys to keep your funds and smart contracts secure
  • Easily connect on chain and off chain applications using our integration tools and middleware solution

You can find an updates list of Settlemint features and use cases on their website.

Does Settlemint have a token? 


In an interview with TechCrunch co-founder Matthew Van Nierkek said:

“Now is the period where there’s a lot of real serious work being done. Companies are not here to drive a token price but ask how we can use this technology,”

Which is something we can completely agree with.

Tokens without offering a real solution carry no tangible value.

Settlemint contact details

You can contact the Settlemint team through their website or through one of the below channels.

Settlemint Twitter

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Settlemint Facebook

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