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Sayfer help brands conduct security audits and penetration tests for Web3 offers
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Sayfer are a security focused brand that help Web3 brands improve security of their offers to reduce the chance of security breaches.

They focus on key aspects of Web3 security such as penetration tests and smart contract auditing.



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  • Multiple forms of testing
  • Complies with OWASP and SCSVS


  • Service over DIY solution


  • Smart contract audits






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What is Sayfer?

Sayfer is a security company that helps Web3 brands improve security to reduce the risk of costly scams, hacks, and exploits that target weaknesses in design.

They comply with industry standards of OWASP and SCSVS and focus on penetration tests and smart contract audits.

What problem does Sayfer solve?

Scams, hacks, and exploits have been a huge problem for Web3 brands.

In 2021, over $3B was lost through the actions of bad actors.

A lot of that could have been avoided if better security measures were taken.

It's not uncommon to hear about how a simple hack caused a project to lose millions. Or how some enterprising young blockchain dev discovers an issue with a smart contract that can be exploited for huge financial gain.

With each hack, scam, or exploit, people lose money and overall trust in the industry is impacted making it all the more difficult for builders of legit projects to get traction.

Sayfer is working to help brands avoid costly errors through their security audits.

Their team of specialists help defi projects identify potential issues in smart contracts or weaknesses in design before assisting them to fix the cracks. The team then goes over the issues once more to make sure the fixes were effective.

If more projects took the time to secure their creation, we'd likely have a lot less lost funds and a lot more trust in the industry.

How to get started with Sayfer

Sayfer is a done-with-you service.

They explain the process on their home page as below.

How to get started with Sayfer

To kick this off, head to their site and click on the "Get in Touch" button in the top nav bar.

This will take you to a simple contact page where you fill in your details to request a time to talk.

How to use Sayfer

Sayfer contact details

You can get in touch with the Sayfer team through their website or through the below channels.

Sayfer Twitter

Sayfer LinkedIn

Sayfer Telegram

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