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Safe Treasury

Safe Treasury is a community-driven, transparency-focused financial platform and treasury management tool for DAOs.

Safe Treasury


Safe Treasury is a free and non-custodial transparency focused treasury management tool designed for DAOs. It help projects track multi-wallet cross-chain asset in a comprehensive dashboard, do mass pay and payrolls, accounting and transaction labelings complete with a financial disclosure page that updates all treasury data in real time to a shareable link that DAOs can share with members.

Safe Treasury


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Safe Treasury

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Safe Treasury
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  • Finance transparency for more informed governance
  • Efficient payouts and accounting



  • Multi-wallet cross-chain asset dashboard
  • Complete payment system including mass payout
  • Payroll and more.accounting and analytics with auto generated charts and transaction labeling
  • Automated financial reports sharing


Safe Treasury




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Safe Treasury

Safe Treasury


Safe Treasury


What is Safe Treasury? 

Safe Treasury is a free and non-custodial transparency focused treasury management tool designed for DAOs.

With Safe Treasury, users are not only able to get a overview of their portfolio's financial health across different chains, but they're also able to handle and monitor payments.

It's built to help financial institutions and DAOs have better oversight, management, and control over cross-chain financial holdings.

What problem does Safe Treasury solve? 

There's currently no primary centralized management platform for cryptocurrency holdings. Mainly because you have to operate across multiple chains.

It's made it very difficult for brands to get a unified overview of their crypto holdings.

Even more complex is the process of making payments to different people if person one is requesting ETH while another is requesting payment in BTC.

It requires the person processing payments to log into different chains to check funds and action payment runs.

Third party tools like Safe Treasury are bringing a centralized view and single dashboard for multi-chain management functionality.

They not only help you understand what funds you have available but can also help streamline bulk payment runs across different chains.

How to get started with Safe Treasury

Getting started with Safe Treasury is super simple. Head tot heir site and click the "launch app" button.

You'll find yourself on a wallet sync page. Sync the primary wallet you want linked to Safe Treasury as the log in account.

Set up safe treasury wallet sync page

Once that's done, you'll be asked to add your personal details. Enter your name and email address to continue.

Safe treasury profile setup page

After your profile is set up, you need to add the name, logo, and description of the project you want to manage with Safe Treasury.

Create a new project in safe treasury

You'll now have full access to Safe Treasury. You can sync your project wallets and will be able to start pulling in data for management and observation.

Safe treasury dashboard

Safe treasury contact details

If you want to get in touch with the Safe Treasury team, you'll find their primary contact details below.



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Safe Treasury