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Safary is an analytics and attribution channel for DeFi and blockchain gaming companies.
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Safary brings much needed clarity to the complex world of blockchain and DeFi. With Safary, owners of DeFi and blockchain gaming dApps are able to get detailed insights into how their users are finding and engaging with their project.

Analytics tools like Safary are bringing much needed clarity to a complex world so founders can make more informed decisions on improvements to their projects.



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  • Detailed analytics breakdowns
  • Helps founders and marketers make more informed decisions


  • Currently in closed beta
  • Billed only for DeFi and gaming


  • Attribution by acquisition channel
  • Community of founders
  • Needed bridge between Web 2.0 and Web3 analytics






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What is Safary?

Safary is an analytics and attribution platform built specifically for Web3 projects and dApps.

Their current focus is on DeFi and GameFi worlds in Web3.

However, looking through their vision, it appears that there will be more functionality and areas of Web3 they will grow to encompass as times goes by.

What problem does Safary solve?

Web 2.0 brands have a huge amount of data available to them. From core tools like Google Analytics to paid options like Ahrefs and SemRush, there's a multitude of tools to help brands understand everything about their customers and their actions.

However, in Web3 there are few tools that help founders and marketers understand key aspects like...

  • What their customers use
  • What their customers get the most benefit from
  • Who refers the best customers for the project

The result is founders and growth marketers flying blind and making decision on gut instinct rather than informed decisions.

All of the current analytics tools available for Web 2 haven't yet built Web3 functionality.

And even if they had, there's a shift in the expectations in Web3.

In Web3, data on actions is open and transparent, but the user is protected and anonymous.

Safary is building an attribution and analytics system to help brands understand how people interact with their offer, even if they're not able to drill down to know who is doing what.

The result should be a data set of actions to inform brands how to improve and where to focus their future marketing and growth actions without compromising individual privacy.

How to use Safary

It's currently unknown how to use Safary as it's in invite only mode.

Our best guess is that it will work in a similar way to current analytics tools.

By that we mean, you install a short tracking code, set up goals, and Safary helps by spitting out the data you need.

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