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Revel is a social platform allowing users to create and trade NFT collectables of people's personal media.
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Revel brings NFT and collectible functionality to their social platform.

Users are encouraged to share pictures and videos on the platform which can then be minted as collectible NFTs. Users can create collections and assign rarity to different assets within their collection to mimic many of the large NFT marketplace features.


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  • Giving everyone the ability to create NFTs
  • Makes social media profitable for the average user


  • New offer, not yet tested


  • Mint photos
  • Mint vidoes (coming soon)





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In their own words

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What is is a social platform built for Web3. It allows users to mint their own uploaded media (photos and videos are coming soon) as NFTs to be bought, sold, or traded within the platform.

This enables budding photographers and artists to grow a small, monetized following along with allowing people to support their friends or creators with financial compensation.

What problem does solve?

One of the major benefits of Web3 is a return of control to creators and individuals.

However, blockchain technology can be complex. Too complex for many which limits the number of people who can be onboarded and benefit from owning their own assets.

More onramps that make getting started with Web3 easier are needed.

And that's what Revel is for artists.

Revel makes it easy for anyone to get started through their mobile app, and should help create a new generation of artists and NFT creators.

How to get started with

Getting started with Revel is easy.

On the Website you'll see some links to "Get it on the app store". Simply pick the one that links to the app store your mobile device uses.

How to get started with Revel

When you're on this page, download the app.

From there you can follow their onboarding process to get started ASAP. contact details

If you want to get touch with the Revel team, you can find a contact form on their site. You could also reach out through the below.

Revel.XYZ Twitter

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