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Rainbow is a fun, simple tool to help people explore and engage with Web3
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Rainbow is a simple tool set to help people better understand and engage with Web3. They have a library of documents and a number of small tools to help other brands make the leap to Web3.

In addition, they have an app which can help people explore crypto and Web3 assets.



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  • Makes it easy to implement Web3 features
  • Good education docs



  • App to track crypto assets
  • Education centre
  • Multiple tools






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What is Rainbow? 

Rainbow is a toolkit for Web3 users that's primary aim is to make it easier for people to engage with ands understand the complex world of Web3.

In addition to an app that helps people onboard and understand the space, they have a detailed learning centre and a number of easy to implement tools to add Web3 functionality to your website.

What problem does Rainbow solve?

Web3 is complex. Far too complex for the average web user.

One of the primary issues that's slowing mass adoption of Web3 is that too many people can't use the core features.

Also, that many developers aren't entirely sure how to implement things like wallet syncs ont heir website to make onboarding a little easier for potential Web3 users.

Rainbow is attempting to bridge these issues.

In addition to things like a guide and product to implement a wallet connect on your website, they have multiple guides in their knowledge base to help people understand how to carry out basic actions in Web3 like transacting on OpenSea.

How to get started with Rainbow

Head to the Rainbow site and you'll see a number of options.

if you want to grab the app and start exploring Web3 through the Rainbow interface, click the relevant app store link on the home page.

How to get started with Rainbow

If you click on "Learn" in the top right you'll be taken to the rainbow knowledge base. You can scroll through this to find the necessary information you want to learn more about.

How to use Rainbow

You could also scroll to the bottom of the home page for a few other options.

If you click on the "Rainbow Kit" button at the bottom of the page you'll be taken to a page that offers the developer kit to set up your own wallet sync.

how to implement Rainbow's Web3 wallet sync

Rainbow contact

If you want to connect with the Rainbow team you can find a number of relevant links through their Knowledge base. Alternatively, reach out through the below.

Rainbow Twitter

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