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Push Protocol

Push Protocol is a cross-chain messaging service for Web3 brands

Push Protocol


Push Protocol is a web3 communication network. the primary function is to enable cross-chain notifications and messaging for dapps, wallets, and services.

It currently provides messaging functionality for over 100 of the world's biggest Web3 brands.

Push Protocol


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Push Protocol

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Push Protocol
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  • Cross-chain comms will help a lot of dapps scale and improve UX
  • Community governance


  • Earyl days and requires good technical knowledge to use


  • Immediate communication
  • Security alerts
  • Censorship resistant


Push Protocol




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Push Protocol

Push Protocol


Push Protocol


What is Push Protocol?

Push Protocol bills itself as the communication protocol of Web3.

It enables developers, founders, and marketers of dapps to better communicate with the people who are involved in their project. They do this, unsurprisingly, through push notifications on mobile devices and the web. The targeting of messages is done to the wallets that are linked through the phone.

In short, Push Protocol is push messages for decentralized wallets.

Push powers the communication for 100+ of the world’s leading dapps. They work primarily with service providers across DeFi, NFTs, gaming, dev tools, and more.

At the time of writing Push protocol is live on Ethereum and Polygon, but it appears as though they have plans to grow to other blockchains as the team grows.

What problem does Push Protocol solve?

One of the major benefits of Web3 is also a problem for new brands. The decentralization the pseudonymous nature of users makes it very difficult to communicate with people on a 1-2-1 or even 1 to many basis.

You often have to trawl multiple online locations and "follow the thread" of user activity to find things like a Twitter account, or Telegram user name.

Push Protocol is hoping to minimize the hassle and make it easy for dapps and individuals to communicate.

Their service allows notifications to be sent to a wallet.

How to get started with Push Protocol

To get started with Push, head to the Push Protocol site and sync your wallet.

When you've synced your wallet, you can choose which channels to opt-in to hear from.

How Push Protocol works

In addition to receiving mass messages through subscriptions, you can also send individual messages to other wallets if you know the address.

How to use Push Protocol

And finally, developers can create their own channel for their project through the create a channel button.

You just need to stake 50 DAI to get started.

Create a Push Protocol channel
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Push Protocol