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Portis is a multi-blockchain wallet that is easy to set up.
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Portis is a multi-blockchain wallet that is easy to set up.



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  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Because it is a web-based decentralized application, you can integrate your codes without having to install any software. Furthermore, users can log in and use Portis from anywhere in the world without having to worry about the hardware.
  • Portis guide and support are easy to comprehend
  • Portis uses advanced technology
  • No KYC required


  • Users have had problems connecting their cards to the Portis.


  • Multi Blockchain Support
  • User-Friendly Transactions
  • Direct Purchase
  • Secure Email and Password Login






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What is Portis?

Founded in 2018, Portis is a straightforward multi-blockchain wallet that is easy to set up and connect to dApps. It addresses the flaws of more established web 3.0 wallets, such as Metamask, which require the use of a specific web browser and/or browser extension. Portis gives users the best of both worlds in that they retain sole custody of their private keys while not having to worry about losing them forever if they misplace their 2 devices. 

Furthermore, because their encrypted private key is stored in the cloud, they can access the same wallet on multiple devices using the same email and password login flow. Portis hopes to eliminate this friction by providing developers with an SDK that makes it easy to strengthen the security of their wallets by further developing keys and encryptions using these tools and kits. Users can manage their private key inside their existing browser after it has been integrated, allowing them to sign transactions and manage their crypto assets.

Portis has a very simple onboarding process, which is ideal for those who are new to cryptocurrency. Instead of downloading additional apps, browsers, or browser extensions, Portis users can create a wallet with a few screen taps.

Instead of forcing users to learn about concepts like private keys or seed phrases, they can simply start with an email address and password.  The browser-based crypto wallet uses sandboxed local storage to keep a value. The preservation of value in this manner makes it difficult for other websites to read and interpret it. In this way, it strives to protect the values stored from phishing and other such malicious attacks, thereby making it safe. A sandboxed storage system ensures that other websites cannot read the data stored in it. Portis wallet is thus considered secure.

Portis, surprisingly, is free for the majority of it. There is no fee to open an account, and there are no commissions or spreads to use it. Its integration with the Gas Station Network has resulted in the elimination of the gas fee for its users. In a nutshell, it offers its users convenience and ease without causing them to lose money. Portis also supports the direct purchase, which allows users to pay only the amount needed for a particular trade rather than keeping a larger sum in their wallet. The user-side encrypted and self-custodial Private key can be accessed from any device.

With minimal KYC, the Portis platform supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, SKALE, Matic, Ubiq, and many other cryptocurrencies. No government identification is required. You can select your preferred currency.

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