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Optyfi allows users to grow their crypto portfolio with risk-adjusted DeFi yield.



With OptyFi, users are able to earn risk-adjusted DeFi yield on crypto assets including USDC, WETH, USDT, DAI, and WBTC.

The OptyFi team has built different "vaults" to appeal to different risk tolerances.

  • Save vaults = Low risk
  • Earn vaults - Medium risk
  • Invest vaults - High risk



Taker fee =
Maker fee =


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  • Adaptable to different risk tolerances
  • Easy to get started


  • Any staking or investing service is high risk


  • Multiple risk options






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What is Optyfi

OptiFy is a crypto yield platform that allow susers to grow their crypto holdings automatically.

With OptiFy, users choose their currency and their risk level (presented in the form of different "vaults"). They then deposit funds and - hopefully - earn new crypto based on what they've deposited.

They made the process as simple as possible and have created multiple "vaults". Each vault is for a different risk tolerance.

  1. Save vaults are low risk and good for people who want to hold crypto and earn a little interest.
  2. Earn vaults are medium risk and are a good option for holders to try higher risk strategies.
  3. Invest vaults are high risk and are advised for only experienced crypto traders.

What problem does OptiFy solve?

Investing fiat is a complex system the majority of the population doesn't understand.

Investing crypto is more complex still. For every person who makes a good decision in investing crypto, there are thousands who make rudimentary errors and lose a lot of their money.

Services like OptiFy are working to make the act of investing cryptocurrency to earn yield as simple as possible.

Thanks to their simple and automated system, anyone can get started depositing cryptocurrency to earn yield.

How to get started with OptiFy

If you want to try OptiFy, head to their site and link your wallet. once your wallet is linked it will automatically log you in.

How to get started with optiFy

Once you're logged in, scroll down until you see the below table.

How to deposit funds to Optify

Scroll through the list or use the filter options to find both the currency you'd like to deposit and the risk tolerance you're comfortable with.

Once you've found one you're comfortable with, you can deposit funds by clicking the large "deposit" button. You'll get the option to deposit your funds.

How to deposit funds with Optify

OptiFy Contact details

If you'd like to contact the OptiFy team, you can do so through their website, or through their Twirtter account linked below.

OptiFy Twitter

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