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Notifi allows projects to embed notifications & messaging into their dApps
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Notifi is a notificaztion service built for Web3.

They give dapp creators the ability to embed notifications into their dapps to keep their audience updated on the latest happenings.

In addtion, they also offer a notifications hub for users to collect and collate the most important notifications into one place.



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What is Notifi?

Notifi is a Web3 notification platform built to help projects keep their users updated with the latest developments.

They allow dApp creators to send notifications to users through common use channels so their audience is kept updated with new developments.

They also offer a notifications hub for users where you're able to outline what notifications you'd like the service to collate.

Notification types include...

  • DAO proposals
  • Transaction alerts
  • NFT Signals
  • Whale watch

And more

What problem does Notifi solve?

Notifications in Web3 are pretty scattered.

Often, logging into a dapp requires little more than a wallet sync. However, users of your dapp then use something like Discord or Telegram to communicate.

It creates a problem for a lot of brands as they often have no way to link the wallet synced to their dapp with the communication channel.

If you want to keep your users updated on recent developments in your dapp, you ave to basically copy and paste messages across multiple channels several times to ensure that the majority of your user base sees and understands what's happening.

It's inefficient and time consuming.

Notifi is working to make the process more streamlined.

From the dapp developer side, they have an SDK that helps dapp developers create a system where key updates to the dapp trigger notifications that are delivered via Discord, Telegram, SMS, email, and other channels.

Which means the dapp developers can spend more time focusing on improvements rather than communicating what has already been done.

In addition, they've created a notification hub where users are able to sign up to receive notifications they deem important.

Notifications might be to do with asset prices or DAO proposals.

Whatever notifications they deem important can then be delivered directly to the user.

How to get started with Notifi

Head to the Notifi site and click on Notifi Hub in the top nav bar. You'll be asked to sync your wallet.

How to use Notifi

Once synced, you're able to add the wallets you want to receive notifications for.

How to use Notifi

You'll be asked to confirm what notifications you want to receive and then asked to add the channels you want to receive notifications through.

Finally, you'll be asked to verify the delivery destinations before being let loose in the Notifi dashboard.

How to set up your notifi account

Notifi contact details

You can contact the Notifi team through their website or through the below channels.

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Notifi LinkedIn

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