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Night Life Crypto

The Pioneer of Defi Gaming

Night Life Crypto


The NLIFE Gaming Platform brings several technical and strategic "firsts” to the online and blockchain gaming industry. NLIFE achieved these by harnessing the unique properties of Turtle Network in combination with the Binance Smart Chain and liquidity options on Pancakeswap.

Night Life Crypto


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Night Life Crypto

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Night Life Crypto
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Night Life Crypto




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Night Life Crypto

Night Life Crypto


Night Life Crypto


Night Life Crypto is a gaming platform bringing high quality Platform and Arcade games to cryptocurrency gaming.The aim is to bring the same quality you'd find on Steam and other simiolar platforms to blockchain games. NLC uses a 2-chain solution (Binance Smart Chain and Turtle Network). You can also purchase the game's token, NLIFE, on pancakeswap. These tokens can be sent to the user's NLIFE account's wallet (wallets are non-custodial, so the user has full control over their funds) and then can be used to purchase and play games. Every game produced on the platform has 0 transaction fees charged to the user.