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NFTBull is an institutional-grade NFT terminal that provides deep on-chain and social media insights
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NFTBull is an NFT terminal  providing deep on-chain and social media insights paired with necessary tools to execute trades and track portfolios.

It's the ideal tool for investors looking to track the changes in the market and their portfolio, or even for the casual observer who wants to better understand NFT pricing trends.



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  • Good data sets for NFT collections
  • Cross-chain capabilities
  • Simple data visualisations


  • Still in beta


  • Cross-chain tracking
  • Data insights
  • Portfolio tracking
  • Execustion capabilities






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What is NFTBull

NFTBull is an institutional grade NFT terminal that allows users to track their portfolio or NFT prices to find the best investment opportunities.

It links on-chain data with social media to get a good overview of how the market is moving and offer insight into where it could go next.

With NFTBull, users can track their own portfolio or collections they wish to buy in to to find the perfect time to execute a trade.

NFTBull offers cross-chain functionality so you're not limited to a single chain when researching NFTs.

What problem does NFTBull solve?

Despite the huge surge in demand for NFTs through 2021, most people are still none the wiser when it comes to making sound financial decisions in the space.

The massive surge in interest let to a number of scammers, hackers, and exploiters joining the space. The result of which was a lot of projects that caused people to lose money unnecessarily.

NFTBull is working to help people avoid these scam projects by giving users the information they need to make more informed decisions on which NFT projects and collections are being well received, trending in the right direction, and at a reasonable price.

While we'll never fully eradicate the potential for scams, tools like NFTBull that help people better research projects and collections will definitely cut the legs out from under the low effort scammers.

How to use NFTBull

At the time of writing the NFTBull app is still in closed beta.

We'll update this section with a getting started guide as soon as we have the details and NFTBull have launched.

NFTBull contact

If you want to contact the NFTBull team, you can do so through their website or through the links below.

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