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Nefture Security is a crypto firewall designed to protect users against scams and hacks in the crypto and web3 space.



Nefture Security is a crypto wallet security tool. It offers a warning to users when they're about to engage with a project or website that might drain their wallet or incorrectly use their details.



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  • 2FA authentication
  • Machine learning supported 
  • Give transactions explanation


  • Hardware wallet not supported
  • May slow down transactions


  • It involves 2FA authentication 
  • Nefture Security protects you against cyber-attacks, scams, hacks and even human errors!
  • It provide real time alert 
  • Track your transactions on dashboard
  • Blocking risky transactions






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What is Nefture?

Nefture Security is a crypto firewall designed to protect users against scams and hacks in the crypto and web3 space.

It works by intercepting transactions made by the user through her RPC (Remote Procedure Call), and analyzing the transaction data using her Fraud Detection Engine. 

Like your bank sends you an email when you use a credit card on a suspicious website or when a stranger intrudes your account, Nefture users get real time alerts for every activity, or if any foreign invaders try to access your wallet. Nefture block transactions to protect the user's assets if it is deemed dangerous or suspicious.

Nafture was launched in 2021, by Celim starck, Wafae kerchi, and Baptiste Florentin in Paris, at Station F (the first startup incubator in Europe).

What is problem does Nefture solved?

Crypto wallet theft is a major concern for the crypto community, intruders can get access to a wallet without the wallet notifying the owner. Nefture is able to solve this problem by providing a 2FA factor that notify users for every activity on the wallet. It also protects users from interacting with a malicious website by sending a notification to stop such action.

What can Nefture be used for?

Nefture security is used to  monitor and protect users' wallets from suspicious transactions and provide extra verification to protect your wallet.

Is Nefture a scam?

We do not believe that Nefture is a scam. in fact, their whole operation is built around helping you avoid scams.

However, this is a tricky space, you should always do your won research and make your own judgements before taking action with your crypto wallet.

Who can use Nefture?

It is available for all crypto users, to protect their funds from scammers.

How to get started with Nefture

Visit the official site to install Nefture security. once on the site, simply follow the sync instructions to add it to your primary wallet.

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