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Nansen is a tool that allows you to research the value of various blockchain assets across multiple chains.
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Nansen is a tool that allows you to research the value of various blockchain assets across multiple chains.



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  • Ability to analyse NFT collections and cryptocurrencies
  • Works across several blockchains
  • Simple and interactive UI
  • Detailed data


  • Confusing for those not familiar with crypto and blockchain
  • Free plan is very limited in data available
  • Can get expensive quickly for personal users


  • Wallet profiler to understand a wallets assets and actions
  • NFT analytics
  • Token analytics
  • DeFi analytics






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Nansen is an analytics tool that gives its users detailed insight into the value and activity of certain assets and platforms.

Nansen pulls the majority of it's data from on-chain statistics, meaning you get accurate, up-to-date information on which to base your decisions.

Unlike similar tools on the space Nansen makes finding the information you need to make informed decisions incredibly easy. A couple of clicks and a little digging and you can pull up really detailed historical data, trends, and currency valuations of key NFT collection, cryptocurrencies, and even detailed analysis of user wallets. company overview

Nansen is a relatively young company having been established in 2019.

It was founded by Alex Svanevik, Evgeny Medvedev, and Lars Bakke Krogvig. On the about page, the founders explain that they named Nansen after the Fridjtof Nansen, an explorer, scientist, diplomat and humanitarian as he embodied their values of:

  • Transparency
  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Speed

The company was started as a simple method to understand more about the wallets that are interacting with various services and platforms on chain.

How do you use Nansen?

Nansen is a pretty simple service to use. After signing up for an account (you can use an email or your wallet to sign up) you'll drop into their dashboard which looks like the below.

How to use Nansen.ais dashboard

You can then click on any of the contracts, tokens, or NFT collection links on this page to get a detailed view of how people are interacting with it. Take the below example from ENS.

An example of's data

As you can see, the data they provide is pretty comprehensive and gives a good historical view of key stats including floor price, transaction volume over different periods, and total supply.

You can also dive into similar depth of data for all of the below by navigating to them in the left hand nav bar.

  • Individual wallets (just need the public address)
  • NFTs
  • Tokens
  • DeFi contracts

However, be aware that much of this data is behind a paywall and you'll need to shell out at least $149 / month for access.

Nansen has also extended the service to pull data from various different blockchains. You'll find a full list of the supported chains in a drop down menu in the top left.

Nansen supported blockchains

Does Nansen have a token? 

Nansen does not have it's own token.

Nansen fees

Nansen is not a cheap service.

The standard plan will cost $149 / month or, if paying annually, $89 / month.

Nansen standard plan costs

If you want a higher tier of service, you're looking at a hefty price increase.

VIP sees the cost 10X from standard. VIP pricing tiers

And the Alpha plan sees those fees double once more. Alpha pricing.

For enterprise service you'll need to reach out to the team for more details.

The level of service obviously increases between each tier and you'll find a quick break down of the full features below. features by tier
Year Founded: 
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