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Naetion is an on-chain professional network bringing Web3 functionality to the freelance marketplace industry
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Naetion is an on-chain professional network that helps connect the various elements needed for people to get involved in Web3.

It's basically a platform that connects freelance workers with those who need help, however it has a Web3 twist.

The Naetion platfrom encompasses payroll, quest setting, and payments under one roof.



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  • Ease of management as everything is in one place
  • Own token $NTN
  • 170 service areas





What is Naetion?

Naetion is a platform that connects freelance workers with those who need to hire help. It spans over 170 service areas making this a rather diverse plaftform.

However, unlike existing freelance platforms Naetion has a Web3 twist. Thanks to the implementation of their own token, $NTN, service providers should theoretically be able to earn and save more in addition to owning part of the platform they use to find work.

What problem does Naetion solve?

The freelance marketplace industry has grown massively in the last 10 years.

People love finding talent online and quickly hiring them to help out with key jobs.

the problem is that the freelancers and service providers often get the short end of the deal.

They provide the labor which enables the platform to be useful for both the marketplace itself and the hiring party.

However, after they're paid the bare minimum a hiring party can get away with, they're forgotten about.

Naetion is giving more control and benefits back to the people who make freelance marketplaces work - the freelancers.

Not only are the service providers charged no fees, but they're given ownership and control of the network by earning and holding Naetion's token $NTN.

How to get started with Naetion

Head to the Naetion site and click on the app store button for your mobile device.

Once you've clicked on it, you'll be able to go to the app store and download the app that powers Naetion.

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Naetion contact details

If you want to get in touch with Naetion you can find contact details on their site. Alternatively reach out through one of the below.

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