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MailRats is a free chat-to-earn messaging service for Web3 wallets
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Mailrats is a free chat-to-earn messaging platform for Web3.

Users are able to earn crypto by responding to DMs from their followes.

MailRats has no token and is completely free to start.



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  • Free



  • Wallet-to-wallet DMs
  • Works with ENS Domains






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What is MailRats? 

MailRats is a Web3 native messaging platform that enables wallet to wallet DMs.

MailRats is completely free to use. They also have a "message-to-earn" model. In short, you get rewarded for the DMs you respond to with cryptocurrency.

What problem does MailRats solve?

The foundation of Web3 is great for privacy and security, but it makes direct communication kind of difficult.

Most people link their wallet to the dApps they use. Often, these dPass don't ask for something like an email address or phone number which makes the potential for contacting them so much more difficult.

It's perfect for the pseudonymous, privacy focused element of Web3. But it's also terrible from a basic communication standpoint.

A lot of projects rely on services like Discord, which is great to bring people together. However, as soon as you have a few hundred people Discord servers are just too messy to be useful.

If the project has an issue like a security problem, Discord simply isn't good enough to let everyone know how it impacts them.

MailRats is looking not only at solving this problem by offering a direct message channel between wallets, but it's also incentivising engagement through their message to earn feature.

With MailRats, you'll be able to message wallet you know the address (or ENS Domain) of, which should make direct 1-2-1 messaging for projects easier and more usefiul for an audience.

How to get started with MailRats

Head to the MailRats site and click the "Get Started" button. This will open your MetaMask for you to sign the agreement.

Sync your wallet and the "Get Started" message will change to "Get your Messages".

Click on it to be taken to the main dashboard.

How to use Mailrats

You'll be asked to set an ETH limit. This is how much someone else has to pay to message you (hence the message to earn function).

Enter a few you're comfortable with and then add in a few more details.

How to use MailRats

You're then in the app. You'll be asked if you want to read the guide or get started.

MailRats contact

You can contact the MailRats team through the website or through the below channels.

MailRats Twitter

MailRats LinkedIn

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