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Leveling Up Heroes

Leveling Up Heroes is an NFT Project focused on connecting & collaborating with driven people.

Leveling Up Heroes


Leveling Up Heroes NFTs are focused on connecting & collaborating with today's most exciting entrepreneurs.

This NFT collection was created by a proven, successful team of growth minded people who have helped grow Uber, Amazon, and AirBnB.

The collection has 12,345 hand drawn PFPs. Owning one not only gives you the art, but also grants access to utilities from top entrepreneurs like Eric Siu and Neil Patel.

Leveling Up Heroes


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Leveling Up Heroes

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Leveling Up Heroes
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  • Proven founding team
  • Active community
  • Real-world utility


  • Relative unknown in the space


  • Free book
  • Cheap entry to entrepreneur conference


Leveling Up Heroes




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Leveling Up Heroes

Leveling Up Heroes


Leveling Up Heroes


What is Leveling Up Heroes? 

Leveling Up Heroes is an NFT collection started by Eric Siu.

The collection is aimed at helping business people and entrepreneurs "level up" their careers and impact in the world by offering help and access to a community of likeminded peers.

The collection was started in 2022 and launched 12,345 PFPs which are for sale on OpenSea or through the LUH website.

The different LUH NFTs available

LUH NFTs are a little different as there are two different tiers.

The first tier is their PFP collection. This collection includes varied artwork and various "traits" Like you'd expect with the majority of the NFT collections out there.

It's in this collection you'll find the 12,345 different NFTs to be collected.


However, the Leveling Up Heroes team have also released a "Magical Tier".

These NFTs all have the same artwork, but are listed at a higher price.

leveling up hereos magical tier NFTs artwork

The cost of Leveling Up Heroes' NFTs

Due to the different tiers, you can expect 2 different costs.

With the PFP collection, the cost at the time of writing is as little as 0.001 ETH (just over $1 USD).

Price of LUH NFT

When this campaign was launched, the LUH team offered free mints to those in their community.

It's expected that they might offer a limited run free mint period if they grow the collection and/or launch other tiers int he future.

The other Magical Tier - Phase 1 collection is slightly more expensive at 0.05 ETH (about $65).

LUH Magical tier cost

What's the benefit of owning a LUH NFT?

There are multiple benefits to buying into the LUH NFT world. And each tier has distinct benefits from the others.

Let's first look at what you get regardless of the tier.

Access to the LUH community

LUH has built an active community of entrepreneurs on Discord.

Whatever tier you own, you are given access to this community. You can even get access tot he community if you haven't yet bought into the project.

However, you're given access to more channels as you buy into the NFT projects they're launching.

LUH commnity

The community is very active with the LUH team offering tonnes of support and prompts to keep everyone engaged and communicating with one another.

What you get in the PFP tier

The PFP tier is the entry level for the Leveling Up Heroes NFT.

If you buy into this tier, you'll get access tot he below...

  • Selected PFP holder channels in Discord
  • A free soft cover copy of the founder's book on Leveling Up

What you get in the LUH Magical Tier

The Leveling Up Heroes Magical tier is where the real value for entrepreneurs is.

If you buy into this level of the collection you'll get access to the below online training courses for entrepreneurs.

  • "Leveling Up School"
  • "Consulting School"
  • "The A-Player Hiring Blueprint"

And you're able to claim One (1) Hard Copy of Leveling Up Book.

I believe the courses alone are a multi-thousand dollar investment, meaning this a real bargain for most entrepreneurs.

Who are the team behind LUH?

While all of this sounds good, it has to be backed up with real value. And that often comes from the founding team behind the project.

Eric Siu - Founder of LUH

Eric Siu LUH

The founder of the project is successful entrepreneur Eric Siu. Eric has a number of significant aschievements to his name...

Herman Amaya - Community manager LUH

Herman Amaya LUH

Community management is a key aspect for any Web3 project. LUH has Herman Amaya managing the community.

Year Founded: 
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Leveling Up Heroes