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LBank is a crypto exchange established in 2017 in British Virgin Islands.
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LBank is a crypto exchange established in 2017 in British Virgin Islands. There are 537 coins and 1026 trading pairs available on the exchange LBank



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537 Coins - 1026 Pairs

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Bank Transfer


  • Low trading fees and no withdrawal fees
  • Fast account creation
  • Provides users with educational resources


  • Many countries are inaccessible.
  • For English-speaking countries, this is not practicable.
  • Payment options are limited.


  • Advanced trading tools
  • Mobile app
  • High liquidity






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What is LBank?

LBank is a cryptocurrency exchange situated in Hong Kong that was created in 2015. The platform is owned and operated by Superchains Network Technology Co. Ltd. It is a popular option because it offers crypto trading pairs for 97 tokens. The platform competes with exchanges like KuCoin, Binance, and Bit-Z since its headquarters are in China. Furthermore, the LBank location prevents it from accepting users from some locations. It is, however, still accessible in 200 countries of the world, with over 4.8 million users.

Despite the fact that LBank operates in a highly competitive sector, its operations are quite similar. It offers a web-based trading platform as a cryptocurrency exchange. It has an easy-to-use UI that gives users a straightforward experience. LBank is a perfect exchange for beginners because of its features including easy account creation, a mobile app, and educational resources.

For experienced traders, it also provides advanced trading tools such as trading indicators and APIs. It also allows users to log in with two-factor authentication and provides cold and hot storage wallets for fund security. The platform is deserving of appreciation because of its low trading and withdrawal fees. When it comes to fiat currency compatibility, margin trading, and payment methods, however, it falls short. Nonetheless, LBank's ability to survive the cryptocurrency market for more than five years without a serious security incident demonstrates its strength.

The exchange platform also employs technical analysis indicators to present customers with the greatest trading chances. CCI, RSI, KDJ, and MACD are the most notable indicators employed by LBank. It makes use of such solutions to improve its performance. Users only need to deposit monies after registering an account on the platform. The tools can then be used to buy and trade cryptocurrency.

LBank is largely targeted toward the Asian market. LBank allows new users to create accounts quickly and provides instructional resources to help them get started. Users can trade from anywhere at any time using its mobile app.

It caters to newcomers with its straightforward layout, while complex indicators and trading windows assist experienced customers. It is also popular in the Western market due to its comprehensive cryptocurrency support and ample liquidity. Two-factor authentication, SSL protection, a hot storage wallet, and an offline crypto wallet are all included in the platform. It can maintain optimal security with such technologies.

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