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Krebit is a Web3 reputation passport for better job matching



Krebit provides a Verifiable Credentials protocol making Web3 identities more trustworthy, meritocratic and privacy-preserving.

In the Krebiters community of web3 professionals, you can build your portable Reputation Passport for better job matching and token-gating, without revealing any unnecessary information.



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  • Could help streamline job searching and candidate verifying
  • Creates an owned version of your resume


  • New tech


  • Import your Web2 reputation
  • Explore Krebited profiles
  • Join the Krebiters professionals community
  • Build decentralized reputation into your dApp






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What is Krebit?

Krebit is a platform that allows professionals to build a "Web3 passport" that helps users build a reputation passport.

The platform allows users to create a Web3 specific skill profile which helps recruiters find potential contractors/employees the right skills in just a few clicks.

At its core, Krebit is all about proof of skills and showing what it is you're capable of.

What problem does Krebit solve?

As Web3 grows, there are a huge number of new roles that have been created. As you'd expect, there's an equal lift in the number of professionals and skills.

The problem we've got is that the existing frameworks and tools to match talent and hiring parties hasn't yet caught up to the Web3 way of doing things.

A huge component of Web3 is to show what you've built.

People own what they create. We need something that allows creators to claim ownership of what they work on and show it to their potential next partner/employer easily.

Krebit offers this functionality.

As a builder, you're able to add proof of your work to your Krebit passport, which makes it easy for recruiters to find you through the skil matcj service and then check your work directly from one centralized location.

How to get started with Krebit

Head to the Krebit site and click on the "Try it Now" button.

You'll immediately be asked to link your wallet. There's a native MetaMask connect and a WalletConnect option.

How to start using Krebit

Once your wallet is synced, you'll find yourself within the main dashboard.

From here, it's just a case of adding your details, work portfolio, and if you want to, verifying your various contact channels.

How to use the Krebit dashboard

Just like that you have a Web3 passport you can use to highlight your skills and allow hiring parties to find your contact details.

there's a chat option within as well. It's not yet active but is listed as "coming soon".

Krebit contact details

If you want to learn more about Krebit, you can find their details through their website. Alternatively, you can contact them through the below channels.

Krebit Twitter

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