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Kazm is a Web3 CRM that helps projects understand who's in their community and better communicate with them



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Kazm is a customer relationship management platform that helps Web3 projects and brands get a better understanding of how their audience is interacting with their offer.

The result is more complete data to make more informed decisions regarding growth, service, and improvements.

Much like Web 2.0 CRMs, Kazm allows you to offer everything from onboarding new members to consolidating multiple channels for a holistic customer view.



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  • Works with multiple popular Web3 platforms
  • Seemingly free


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  • Link to Twitter, Discord
  • Link your smart contract
  • Multiple readouts and dashboards for ease of use



What is Kazm?

Kazm is a CRM for Web3 brands.

it integrates with twitter, Discord, and your smart contracts and pulls all of the information into a single dashboard.

The result is a single location where you can view how your audience is engaging with your content and project.

Kazm dashboard

The dashboard is clean and easy to use meaning any brand should be able to get up and running with them in little to no time at all.

What problem does Kazm solve?

For a business to become successful, they need a lot of data. Specifically how their users are engaging with their product and communications.

Without this data, brands are making decisions in the dark which results in a platform and project that doesn't hit their user's needs.

The problem with Web3 is how difficult it is to track user interaction and engagement across completely silo'd platforms.

Kazm is a CRM that allows brands to track how their users are engaging with their offer.

After syncing your various channels, it also offers a detailed tagging system so brands can identify their best engaged users which will later help with promotions, feedback, and so much more.

How to get started with Kazm

Getting started with Kazm is very simple.

First, head tot heir site and click the Get Started button.

Follow the login options to set up your account.

Once that's done, you simply need to follow the "sync your sources" to the platform.

How to use Kazm

After a few minutes, you'll have a basic readout of your audience's engagement data.

The more sources you add, the more complete and useful the data you'll collect.

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