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Cryptocurrency Insurance is a top notch decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol


What is is a top notch decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol


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  • Unbeatable Low Cover Premiums
  • Cross-chain Coverage
  • Multi-chain Accessibility
  • No KYC required


  • Not Beginner friendly


  • Sustainable Investment Returns
  • Easy Access
  • Broader coverage
  • Fair and transparent governance
  • Low cost


What is is a top notch decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol launched in 2021, it provides reliable, robust and secure DeFi insurance services to the DeFi users. The platform not only guarantees unbeatable portfolio premiums but also offers sustainable investment returns. The platform has covered assets valued over $200M. positions itself in a necessary complementary role to the immense and expansive DeFi world rather than as a challenger.

Unlike the single protocol-based insurance coverage of other insurance platforms, offers a unique portfolio-based insurance product to enable coverage of a basket of DeFi protocols, which creates a diversified risk management tool for DeFi investors. Furthermore, offers products that cover non-Ethereum DeFi protocols to benefit the decentralized space as a whole. built a full-spectrum cross-chain insurance product line, providing coverage to 12 chains and expanding to more constantly. offers its users protections against smart contract vulnerability, custodian risk, IDO event risk and stablecoin de-peg risk currently, it promises more insurance products will be offered upcoming, such as NFT insurance, cross-chain bridge cover, etc.

Also, the platform offers portfolio-based and bundled covers with unique pricing strategies, which help to save up to 60% on premiums and 50% on gas fees. Such an approach allows users to insure all of their DeFi assets in one stop, rather than through multiple protocols and multiple transactions.

All activities and transactions are on-chain with data published and visualized within the application. The claim process is uniquely designed to align the interests of stakeholders, ensuring a fair and transparent claim process to protect the policy holders.

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Cryptocurrency Insurance

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