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Holder is a web3 CRM and marketing automation platform that powers customer data for the tokenized world.
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Holder is a soon-to-be-launched Web3 CRM that focuses on brands using tokenization to engage and incentivise their audience.



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  • Built specifically for Web3


  • Not yet publicly launched (waitlist and approval right now)




What is Holder?

Holder is a customer relationship management (CREM) platform built specifically for Web3 brands.

On their site, they talk about how they're working to bring better data and insights to Web3 brands that leverage tokenization to engage and incentivise their users.

What problem does Holder solve?

As brands in Web3 rely more on community to perpetuate growth, they need more relevant data on that community.

Without data to tell them what's working, what's not, and where they can improve it becomes increasingly difficult to make smart, informed decisions on how to grow.

Unfortunately, a lot of legacy analytics tools like Google Analytics simply don't have the functionality to check how people are engaging in areas like Discord or Telegram.

This is where tools like Holder help out.

Helper is built specifically for Web3 brands and offers an insight into how a community engages with a project. The result is better data to help brands segment their data, identify power users, and understand what messages and actions drive the best engagement.

How to get started with Holder

At the time of writing, Holder appears to be in application only access.

Head to the site and you'll see the below.

How to get started with Holder

When you see this, scroll down to get an overview of the platform. Keep scrolling past the messages until you see the below.

How to sign up for Holder

Click on the button and you'll be redirected to a page where you can enter your details to get added to the waitlist.

How to sign up for Holder

Fill out your details and wait to hear back on access.

Holder contact details

If you want to get in touch with the Holder team, you can reach out through their website or send a message through th ebelow.

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